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So hears the thing….

So hears the thing……. When I started to type this blog I accidently typed “so hears the thing” instead of “so here's the thing”; then I smiled to myself! The topic of this blog is “be careful what you say you are listening!” so I am going to stick with my now...

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Is it time to give up giving up?

With Easter Sunday upon us, many thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of people will be going back to having or doing whatever they gave up for lent. I remember once giving up chocolate for lent. I have always been rather partial to a bar of chocolate, but oh...

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Being happy is a skill not a thing!

Yesterday was UN International Happiness day. Some might wonder why such an organisation is spending money on promoting a day of happiness when there is conflict all over the world and victims in need of financial aid. Perhaps the very fact that they are, gives some...

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There’s No Such Thing As Willpower

I used to write for a national slimming magazine. One January they asked me to reply to a reader’s letter who stated “I gained 7lbs over Christmas because I lost my willpower” My reply went something like this: Will power is not a “thing” therefore (unlike car keys)...

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You Did What!….. What Were You Thinking?

Have you ever done something that at the time seemed absolutely the right thing to do, you were certain it was a good decision, and then later when things didn’t quite work out as expected thought “what on earth was I thinking?” It seemed so obvious after the event...

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What would you choose fizzy or fat?

This week there was a call from the Academy Of Medical Royal Colleges to ban fizzy drinks to help prevent obesity. Is it just me or does this smack of desperation? I am reminded of the pointlessness of putting an Elastoplast on a horrific injury. It's not that fizzy...

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1p versus £1 million

DO YOU WANT A PENNY OR A MILLION POUNDS? After all the excitement and the amazing displays of excellence - everyone keeps talking about the “legacy” of the Olympics and asking what it will be.  I hope it is that we all (whatever our age) have been reminded that...

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