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Janet delivers powerful emotional solutions through a unique blend of skills & experience with an elegant blend of compassion & expertise.

As a Best-selling author, TV & media expert & international trainer, Janet’s passion is releasing people from often crippling emotional chains & setting them free.

Janet’s clients get great results for a reason………

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A Unique Toolkit & Specialist Knowledge Firmly Rooted In Science

I’ve always prided myself on my intuition – that natural ability to read both people and situations. But as useful as that insight is, it’s nothing without specialist knowledge proven by science and transformative skills nurtured by ongoing education.

By its nature, science is always changing and progressing – so I vigilantly stay on top of the latest research and find ways to put it into practical systems everyone can benefit from.

That’s why, even with years of experience in the health industry under my belt, I made the choice to go back to school to study for a Msc in Nutrition and Exercise Science! Since then, I’ve gone on to build a varied toolkit, qualifying as a Life Coach and Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner and certifying in Clinical Hypnotherapy as well as a Thought Field Therapy Diagnostic Therapist and Trainer.

This diverse toolkit means that I’m able to treat physical and mental wellness from every angle. So, if one technique isn’t effective for you? No problem! There are a range of different therapies and I will create a bespoke treatment just for you.

An International Expert & Best-Selling Author

What makes me a leader in the field of personal development? It’s not just my 25 years of experience – I’m also a best-selling author, in-demand international speaker and have featured on national TV and radio here in the UK.

I’ve written 6 inspirational books, including ‘Tapping For Life’ and ‘The Placebo Diet’ – and my book (with accompanying fitness DVD!) ‘Fat to Flat’ reached number 1 in the charts after I was invited to present it on national TV!

As well as being invited to speak at international events like the I.D.E.A World Fitness Conference and the TFT International Conference, I’ve also shared my knowledge as a resident expert for ITV Central News and as a guest on well-known radio shows.

I’ve dedicated 25 years to learning and discovery so that I can share the power of deep knowledge and innovative techniques with people like you. That’s why, so often, I’m able to help those clients who haven’t found success with other treatments or therapies.

An Inter-Connected Approach To Treating Mind, Body & Soul

Running my own chain of Heath Clubs for 12 years taught me a thing or two about fitness. But I soon realised that, when it comes to weight and wellbeing, it’s not enough to just change our bodies. We also need to change our minds.

And so it was here that I started training in a range of therapeutic techniques. I was in awe of how these methods could help people revolutionise their lives – not just to help them lose physical weight, but to free their minds from the emotional weight of anxiety, trauma and fears. As I’ve built up my unique toolkit, one thing has always guided my work – the belief that a holistic approach is the key to success.

This interconnected way of looking at personal development is the starting point for transforming all areas of your life. Whatever’s holding you back, we’ll work to find solutions that set you free and inspire you to live life to the full.

So... Are You Ready To Be Happier & Healthier In All Areas Of Your Life?

If you are, I’m the person who can help! Whether you want to take control of your eating habits, break through emotional chains like anxiety or phobias, or learn how to handle life’s stresses, I’m here to help you thrive.

I’d love to join you on your personal development journey. If you’re interested, get in touch, book onto one of my courses, or schedule a one-to-one session today!

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