Come Alive Now

Awaken Your Mind & Energise Your Body with the super simple Colour Code Self Care System

Are You Feeling Tired, Lacking Energy? Have You Lost Your “Mojo” And Wish You Could Have A Total Reboot? Are You Fed Up With Not Feeling Great?

If you want to create a positive mindset that doesn’t hold you back and live in a healthy body full of vitality – here’s a great solution

Thanks to Come Alive Now, you really can have it all when it comes to boosting physical and emotional health

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Magic happens when inspiration becomes action. Motivation alone isn’t enough. If you truly, deeply and wholeheartedly want to make lasting change in your life, you need to combine your intention with a proven strategy. That’s where Janet can help.

In this remarkable and totally unique programme, Janet will share some super simple techniques and tools with you to help you live your best life, physically and emotionally.

In addition to all the amazing resources you will also benefit from the Come Alive Now –One Day Webinar. Recorded live, you can experience the techniques first hand and learn how to give your mind and your body everything it needs (and deserves) to perform at its best…… for good.

Physical Health – Get a simple explanation of what your body needs and learn the tried, tested and super simple Colour Code Nutrition System to get results.

Emotional Health – Learn simple techniques (that can take less than 1 minute!) to change your neurology and collapse negative emotions.

Energy Hygiene – follow a simple process to clean and re-set your energy and boost your vitality

Here’s Everything You Get In Your ‘Come Alive Now’ Package…

In this unique inspirational programme and an eclectic & comprehensive range of resources, Janet will guide you step-by-step through a variety of simple techniques that you can use immediately.  You can boost emotional and physical health, feel more energised, reduce stress and improve sleep quality. You can be more in control of how you think and feel from Day One.

In addition to the webinar (which was recorded live) You’ll gain lifetime access to an incredible bank of resources designed to help you make positive, lasting changes in your life – whether it’s losing weight, stopping self-sabotage, finding calm and so much more.

Scroll down to see just how many benefits you get for your investment

Benefit #1

“60 trillion reasons to be happy” A personal introduction video from Janet (MP4)

Benefit #2

2 inspirational e-books “How To Change Your Mind” and “The Colour Code Nutrition & Self Care plan”. (PDF) plus a range of posters and cards for easy reference (PDF)

Benefit #3

A quick Start guide and planner so that you can start getting benefits from day one (PDF)

Benefit #4

5 x guided meditations that help you let go of limiting beliefs, hardwire positive neurological habits and make lasting changes at a conscious level. (MP3)

Benefit #5

5 inspirational short videos each demonstrating a different technique you can join in with to boost your emotional energy and maximize your body’s physical performance.

Benefit #6

Come Alive Now webinar – recorded live, let Janet teach you how your brain and mind work to create the body you live in. Inspirational cutting edge information (all based in good science) along with practical demos and applications. Broken into 4 easy to follow mini sessions. (MP4)

Benefit #7

Access to our living, breathing COME ALIVE community with two month’s free membership to our private COME ALIVE NOW vault where you will have hundreds of resources at your fingertips including short inspirational videos, recipes and mini exercise workouts to do at home. It’s a 24/7 high value one stop shop for all your self-care needs.

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