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Simple effective steps to calm your mind and dissolve negative emotions and anxieties

Join Janet Thomson for an immersive, interactive program designed to help
you calm your mind, reprogram the way you think and understand exactly
how you can positively change the way you act in stressful situations.

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When You Stress Less, You Live More...

We’ve all been there… Those moments when anxiety gets the better of us, stress takes control and we act in a way we wouldn’t have if we were thinking logically. More often than not, it’s easy to get stuck in a vicious cycle that compounds our emotions.

In reality, we’re faced with these situations every day… Stress is part of the human condition! It’s when we experience it out of context – or for an extended period of time – that we encounter more serious issues.

What we must learn to do is handle stress and anxiety in a positive way that keeps us calm and in complete control of our emotions.

That’s where ‘How To Stress Less’ comes in…

When you learn how to calm a stressful mind that’s constantly creating anxiety and worry, you can become more resilient and resourceful. You can live your life without those negative thoughts affecting your happiness or affecting your sense of control.

In this remarkable and unique programme, you’ll find a collection of practical and holistic techniques to help find calm in the chaos, reprogram the way you think and change the way you respond to stressful situations.

Here’s Everything You Get In Your ‘How To Stress Less’ Package...

In this unique experience, Janet will walk you through all the information you
need to collapse negative emotions and remove anxiety. You’ll get access
to an incredible bank of resources to make lasting change in your life.

How To Stress Less, e-book (PDF)

Explains why stress and anxiety are essential as long as they are not permanently “switched on”. Also contains many practical exercises and tip tips to collapse negative stressful thoughts

Personal Message From Janet

Get a course overview, quick introduction and positive affirmations to maximise the benefits of your programme through practical techniques.

Mindful Movements

Learn to calm the mind and the body through mindful breathing techniques designed to bring you back to centre and overcome stressful thoughts.

Still Point

Maximise your ability to relax both physically and mentally through simple, proven breathing techniques that reset your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Acupressure Points

Understand how you can reduce stress in just a few minutes anytime, anywhere by clearing blockages in your meridians through physical contact.


Learn Thought Field Therapy sequences used by leading practitioners worldwide to collapse negative emotions and alleviate past memories.

Clearing & Grounding

Discover practical techniques you can use immediately to clear negative thoughts and feel more in control of your emotions in your day-to-day life.

Guided Meditations

Audio files designed to aid complete relaxation and change how you think, feel and respond to stressful situations now and for years to come.

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“How To Collapse Negative Emotions & Thoughts”

‘How To Stress Less’ Changes Your Life Through Positive Emotions

"Janet is a great teacher and her inspirational programmes are easy to follow, with great results. Her techniques are so simple & effective in changing how you feel!"
Janey Lee Grace, Radio 2 Presenter
I use How To Stress Less and it's really helped me to think and react differently in stressful situations. I have found the resources so valuable and easy to use - I wouldn’t be without them!"
Joy Martin
"The How To Stress Less techniques have been a revelation. I started off a real cynic but now I'm really benefiting form spending a few minutes everyday using the simple techniques."
Neil Dixon
"I loved that there was a collection of videos and audios all of which I can access anytime. These techniques are a “go to” for me whenever I'm anxious and they help me keep calm."
Amanda King
"How To Stress Less is packed full of easy tips and effective exercises that I can do everyday and anytime I need them."
Victoria Bytel
"I have been using Janet’s techniques for years and as a front line medical professional I have never found them more valuable. Everyone should learn this stuff - it really works!"
Himala de Zoysa

We all know when you feel stressed it can be harder to achieve deep restful sleep, and when you are tired you are more prone to feeling stressed and anxious, so we have combined both of these wonderful programmes together for maximum benefit and rapid results on both counts.”

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