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    I had seen numerous people over the last 3 years with no success, I was desperate, but in 2 sessions Janet stopped the violent physical tremors and anxiety I had experienced every day since the accident. It was amazing.

    Joe Brown

    I was suffering from a migraine headache due to constant stress, within a few minutes of TFT my headache had completely gone and didn’t come back. I have techniques I can do myself and I feel much more positive about my future.

    Lisa Gillet

    Janet has really changed the way I eat and think about food. I just wanted to generally lose weight but with the motivation that it gave me I have been able to give up chocolate and ice cream my weakness, and 3 months later I still haven’t touched any. I would recommend Janet to everyone – she’s brilliant.

    Beryl Norman

    I could suggest nothing better to make you feel great and be more positive about yourself. Plus, there’s the added bonus of sleeping like a log after the meditation BLOOMING MARVELLOUS!!

    Charlotte Cox

    Janet is inspirational. I came away from the session feeling much more positive about myself and the anxiety has disappeared!

    Sue Duncliffe

    Janet inspired me to view myself more positively and to see food in a different light. I am making healthy choices and enjoying them. I focus every morning before getting up and it sets me up for the day ahead, whatever the temptation and challenges. I can swish in the blink of an eye!

    Elaine Pittam

    Janet has not only given me a better self image and recovered my self esteem after a traumatic past, but also increased confidence and motivation and I now have the power to reach my goals.

    Fiona O’Connell

    The session with Janet was mind blowing! What an experience! My weakness was always chocolate, not anymore. The amazing techniques Janet used was not only for food but any problem you may have – it’s powerful and uplifting coaching that certainly gets your butt in gear.

    Marilyn Lancaster                                       

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