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With The Incredible Power Of Thought Field Therapy And Energy Healing Techniques

Maybe you just want to learn how to take care of your own energy and vitality, or if you are a professional, to expand your therapy tool kit, deepen your knowledge and empower yourself to change your client’s lives in ways you never imagined. It is now possible with this unique (certified) course delivered through a combination of video and live one to one coaching.

So much more than just Thought Field Therapy, this inspirational programme teaches you how to intuitively blend powerful TFT treatments with other energy-based healing techniques, for yourself and for use with others, through a series of video demonstrations & 1-1 live mentoring, so that you, and they, can learn how to enhance wellbeing and vitality. In just one session you can experience incredible results. Learn from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace with the added benefit of live mentoring.


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Have You Ever Had That Incredible Feeling Of Joy & Fulfilment That Comes From Helping Someone To Overcome An Emotional Obstacle & Reclaim Their Happiness?

It’s that game-changing moment when you enable someone to finally
free themselves from distress that’s been crippling their emotional
health for months, years, maybe even their whole life…

It could be anxiety, phobia or trauma that’s blocked them from living a
happy, fulfilling life. And when you’re able to melt away that block and
watch someone’s vital life energy start to flow through them freely –
that feels like real magic.

But we all know it’s not always that easy…

Maybe there have been times when you felt like you were powerless.
When for some reason you just couldn’t seem to reach that magical
breakthrough moment.

Maybe you spent hours together trying to get to the root of the
problem – exhausting all of your usual techniques – but in the end you
never quite get to that almost miraculous moment of transformation.

Has There Ever Been a Time When You’ve Finished A Really Tough Session, Taken Deep A Breath & Thought To Yourself…

“It’s Frustrating That I Can’t Always Help Everyone Who Comes To Me”

You know that people turn to therapists because they’re really suffering, and there’s no worse feeling than not being able to get them the results they want.

“I’m Not Really Making The Impact I Imagined”

You became a therapist because you believed in the transformative power of therapy to help everyone, no matter how complex their problems are.

“There’s Something Vital Missing From My Therapy Toolkit”

When your usual techniques aren’t working, you know there must be another way to help your client – but you don’t have the tools to make it happen.

“I Feel like I’m Dancing Around A Problem Without Ever Getting To Its Core”

You’ve spent hours talking and working through issues with clients, but words just don’t seem to be enough for some people to fully express their distress.

“I’m Draining My Own Energy In The Process”

You worry about your own emotional wellbeing, and know that, if your battery runs low or things get out of balance, your practice will suffer.

Truth Is…

It Never Feels Nice When You Feel You’ve Run Out of Options

After all, being able to help people is what drives you. It’s the vital motivation that makes what you do more than just a job.

Maybe sometimes you wish there was a simple, effective technique you could use to go straight to the deep-rooted core of a person’s problem and unlock their emotional freedom.

Perhaps you’ve learned about other techniques, and maybe you’ve tried other courses that promised the Earth but ultimately ended up not quite delivering.

There was plenty of talk, theory and demonstration – but despite your best efforts you didn’t come away with tangible tools that you could actually put into action to help those more challenging clients.

Ultimately, it left you wanting more, still believing that there’s a missing piece of the jigsaw that you haven’t quite found yet…

Have You Found Yourself Wishing That You Could Offer Your Clients...

Gentle Therapy Without Painful Verbal Revisiting

You’ve seen how putting traumatic experiences into words can be brutal for those in emotional distress. In fact, you know it can put some people off seeking help at all. The result? Potential clients are out there suffering in silence. You need a way to reach out to those sceptical clients in a nurturing, gentle way that works…

Effective, Immediate Relief In Just a Few Minutes

A client comes to therapy because they want to free themself and move forward. But reaching that point of freedom can be grueling, and people can lose faith in the process. You dream of a way to go straight to the core of a problem and unblock it immediately.

A Bespoke Blend Of Therapies To Work In Harmony

You know there’s no such thing as ‘one-size-fits-all’ when it comes to therapy. Complex problems need complex solutions - and what could give one person a breakthrough moment may be totally ineffective for another. You want a varied tool kit of therapies that can be blended to create a perfect fit for every client.

Simple Tools To Empower Them To Self Help

Days or weeks between sessions can slow down progress, and clients can feel like they don’t have control over their own healing journey. You know that the key to transforming emotional health is simple tools that clients can use to nurture their own wellbeing in their daily lives, enhancing the valuable work you do in your sessions.

If There Really Was A Way To Unlock This Freedom Without Needing Weeks Of Training, Or Even Leaving Your Home…

Would You Try It?



Janet Thomson’s Exclusive TFT Accreditation & Energy Healing Techniques Online Course…

In the hands of a skilled practitioner, the power of TFT is simply incredible. That’s why this course was created – to help as many therapists and trainers as possible guide their clients to those magical moments of clarity and transformation.

TFT is an energy healing technique that works with the body’s natural meridian pathways to collapse often crippling emotions. Simple algorithms or tapping sequences can disconnect the spiralling cycle of negative thoughts and chemical reactions that cause emotional distress.

With a deep understanding of energy healing techniques and the confidence to use them intuitively, you’ll be able to help your clients in ways you never imagined possible.

Empower Yourself With a New Approach To Helping Your Clients

Imagine being able to release the suffering of a someone who has
seen countless therapists, feels like they’re tried everything, but still
can’t seem to unblock their emotional distress.

Whether it’s for anxiety, phobias or trauma, TFT is a proven technique
that often works when everything else has failed. After this course,
you’ll be armed with the wisdom and skills to take a new approach and
use energy healing to achieve incredible and lasting results.

Take Away Tangible Tools You Can Use Straight Away

The course is designed to fit around your commitments. And as soon as
you’ve achieved your certification, you’ll have a powerful new skill in
your therapy tool kit. The real beauty of TFT is that the sequences and
results are so simple to reproduce.

So, with the guidance of an inspirational, expert instructor and a
course that blends theory with clear practical demonstrations, you’ll
feel confident in intuitively adopting energy healing techniques into
your practice straight away.

Give Your Clients The Gift Of Immediate Results

People are often in disbelief about how incredibly effective TFT and energy healing techniques can be. But the bottom line is, it really does work – with a sequence of taps, therapists are able to give their clients relief in a matter of minutes.

For people who’ve done hours of change work and are running out of patience for finding something that works, TFT can restore their faith in the transformational power of therapy and give confidence that their emotional health is safe in your hands.

Create A Safe, Nurturing Therapy Environment

Thought Field Therapy is not a talking therapy. In fact, the real beauty of this approach is that, as long as you know how someone feels – sad, angry, scared – you can collapse that emotion without having to know the story of how it got there.

So many people avoid addressing their problems because putting trauma into words is just too uncomfortable or painful. With TFT in your toolkit, you can create a safe environment for people who would never otherwise see therapy as an option.

Learn How To Protect Your Own Energy While Helping Others

As a therapist or practitioner, protecting your own energy whilst helping others is vital. If you become overloaded with the negative energy that you relieve from your clients, your practice and your own emotional wellbeing will be impacted.

A unique element of this course is helping therapists keep themselves balanced, healthy and safe. After all, you can’t help others reach their full potential if you aren’t living yours.

And More Than Anything....

Learn From An Expert Who Can’t Wait To Share The Power Of Thought Field Therapy and Energy Therapy With The World!

Hi! I’m Janet Thomson.

And as someone who’s been truly amazed by the powerful potential of TFT and energy healing, I can’t wait to share my knowledge with the therapy community and beyond.

Sorry for blowing my own trumpet, but with more than 25 years of
professional experience in the field of personal development, best-selling
books to my name and qualifications in various therapeutic modalities
including Clinical Hynotherapy, Life Coaching and Neuro Linguistic
Programming, I really do know my stuff when it comes to using therapy to
transform people’s minds, bodies and lives.

That’s why I was so excited when I first learnt about the incredible
simplicity and effectiveness of TFT and energy healing.

Roger Callahan,
Creator of TFT
“Janet is creative and unique in her ability to explain TFT, she is an excellent trainer and combines her excellent teaching skills excitement and knowledge in her trainings, we are proud to have her as a representative for TFT”
– Dr. Roger Callahan

My first experience of TFT came on a different training course when I became quite distressed thinking about a traumatic event that had happened in my life. One of the course assistants abandoned what she was supposed to be teaching me and simply tapped my emotional pain away – literally in a matter of minutes! At that moment, I knew I had to become a master of this powerful treatment and share it so that others could benefit as I had.

My mission goes beyond helping my clients to enhance their lives. Through sharing my own deep learning and real-world experiences, I hope to help therapists and practitioners ignite that vital life energy in all of their clients and themselves.

After all, when we share our wisdom about the transformational power of therapies far and wide, we can make life a little bit better for everyone.

So… are you ready to become part of that change?

This Is a Unique Course That Empowers You To Intuitively Use TFT In Your Practice. With Support Every Step Of The Way,

You’ll Have Access To…

Thought Field Therapy Training & Certification

You’ll gain a deep understanding of how TFT works and how to use this incredible tool. After online Callahan-approved training, including 2 live mentoring calls with Janet, you’ll be qualified to practice TFT on yourself and others as a certified TFT-Algo practitioner.

1-2-1 Mentoring From An Expert In Energy Healing Techniques

Janet Thomson is well known for her deep knowledge and experience of TFT and her passion for helping people to live their best lives. As this course is designed and led by Janet herself, you’ll get unprecedented, direct access to her bottomless well of knowledge as she supports you in your learning.

Training In Other Energy Healing Techniques

You will learn a number of different energy healing techniques and how to seamlessly blend them together for maximum effectiveness, allowing you to create bespoke approaches to client’s emotional and physical problems.

High Quality Resources As Soon As You Sign Up

Once you’ve enrolled onto the course, you will have access to all of the information and training videos. This means you don’t need to wait to start learning, and can start working through the course straight away.

Clear & Practical Video Demonstrations

In helpful, clear training videos you will see Janet put everything you learn into practice, meaning that you can learn exactly how to use TFT techniques to help your own clients.

A Valuable Course That Can Be Done Any Time From Home

Because the course is fully online, you can join from anywhere, and at any time. There’s no need to be limited by location, other commitments or a busy schedule, as you can build a learning schedule that fits into your life.
In this unique program, you’ll learn how to widen your therapy tool kit, deepen your knowledge and empower yourself to change your client’s lives in ways you never imagined possible.

You’ll be able to intuitively blend powerful TFT treatments and other energy-based healing techniques to enhance your own wellbeing and deliver incredible results for your clients - all from the comfort of home.

With More Than 5 Hours of Educational Video Content & up to 14 Modules of Life-Changing Material, Here’s What You’ll Learn...

Professional Certification Includes:
- 2 live 1-1 mentoring sessions with Janet
- 2 digital books; 'Tapping For Life' (Janet Thomson) & 'Callahan Techniques' (TFT Manual)

Personal Use Programme Includes:
- 1 x 30 min 1-1 mentoring/treatment session with Janet
- 1 digital book; 'Tapping For Life' (Janet Thomson)

But that's not all!

You'll also get THESE incredible bonus demos:
...and THESE printable resources to use anytime:

Still Need More Reasons To Get Started With This Incredible Program? Well, Here’s The Janet Thomson ‘Power of TFT’...

Money-Back Guarantee

I created this course because I’m on a mission to prove that TFT and energy healing can change people’s lives. And not just the way
your clients live – it can revolutionise the way you practice as a therapist or trainer too.
In fact, I’m so confident in this unique course that I offer a value guarantee for everyone who completes it.

If, after you’ve completed the course and had at least 1 of your mentoring sessions, you don’t see the new techniques enriching your therapy and giving your clients incredible
results, and you are not benefiting personally from learning how to manage your own energy flow, then I’ll send you your course
fee back in full.

Janet Thomson’s Unique Course Has Helped So Many Other People Discover The Magic of Thought Field Therapy & Energy Healing

I would recommend this course to anyone - all would find their life enriched

“Janet delivered an inspirational course that gave me the confidence to practice TFT and Dynamic Energy healing for myself and with others. The pre-course materials were excellent and were used during the course to reinforce the teaching; they allowed delegates to listen, absorb and practice techniques without the distraction of taking notes. As a cardiac rehab trainer and instructor I am already integrating some of the techniques in my classes and look forward to adding more”.
– Joy Martin

Quite magical on many levels

“I have just completed a totally mind blowing weekend with Janet Thomson on her TFT and Dynamic Energy Healing Workshop. Janet delivered a stunningly interesting and very practical weekend for all participants with clear explanations and inspirational demonstrations, we were soon using the techniques ourselves with great effect. This course is Janet Thomson at her brilliant best”
– Lindsey Peters

Great experience!

“I have just completed the TFT training with Janet and would highly recommend her as a trainer. I have found TFT to be a technique that can be tailored to your client thus can provide a bespoke content free treatment. Having trained in person with Janet, with pre-training carried out online, I have found her to be knowledgeable, insightful and able to explain concepts clearly and comprehensively. Janet is a great trainer with a vast array of knowledge and skills”.
– Sian Jenkins

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You Can Enhance Your Knowledge, Practice and Toolkit...
...and Help Your Clients In Ways You Never Imagined Possible!


This TFT and energy healing techniques course is much more than another certification. It is a gateway to revolutionising your practice and the way you can help others enhance their lives.

You’ll be able to offer your clients a new approach that gently disconnects emotional problems right at the core, and empowers them with takeaway tools to nurture their own emotional wellbeing themselves in their daily life.

Can you imagine a more powerful gift to give to others?

Because this course is 100% online, you don’t need to be limited by where you live, your other commitments or hectic schedule. You could simply take a weekend to work through the training all in one go, or you can spread your learning out to fit into the gaps in your lifestyle.


Join A Community Of Therapists & Trainers Already Transforming
Their Lives & The Lives Of Others

Signing up for this course now means that you’re joining a community. A community of people who, perhaps like you, have made it a life mission to help others. People who have discovered the power of TFT and are harnessing that power to do incredible things and are getting amazing results, both personally and professionally.

And it’s not just clients who have their lives enhanced by the knowledge in this course. As a therapist or trainer, you also take away tools for self-healing that you can use to strengthen and protect your own emotional equilibrium every day, not only when you are working.

Stress, anxiety, conflicts – they’re all part of being human. But when you’re armed with the techniques taught in this unique course, you can neutralise these negative feelings as they occur, and before they have the chance to snowball into bigger issues.

When we take the time to refill our own energy cup, that’s when we can let it overflow to help others. Nurture your own energy, so that you can learn, grow and ultimately make the world a better place.


If You’re Ready To Start Now So You Can....

… Arm yourself with a brand new skill set to help your clients

… Take away tangible tools you can apply immediately

… Create a safe, gentle therapy environment

… Learn how to nurture and strengthen your own energy

….And see results you never imagined possible

Secure Your Spot On The Course Today!