Janet Thomson Msc is an outstanding Clinical Therapist, Life Coach, & Trainer with a totally unique blend of skills and experience.

Janet delivers powerful emotional solutions through a unique blend of skills & experience with an elegant blend of compassion & expertise.

As a Best-selling author, TV & media expert & international trainer, Janet’s passion is releasing people from often crippling emotional chains & setting them free.

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Emotional solutions for a range of issues
Come Alive Now
Awaken your mind and your body
includes ebook, guided meditation and practical calming techniques.
How To Stress Less
includes ebook, guided meditation and practical calming techniques.
How To Sleep Well & Calm Your Mind
includes ebook, guided meditation and practical calming techniques.
Eliminate Anxiety & Depressive symptoms with my fast and effective therapy.
The Placebo Diet Weight Loss Plan simple techniques to shed inches by changing how you think and feel about food.
Retreats & workshops that enable you to get the best possible treatment to get the best possible results

Janet Thomson has over 25 years of experience helping people break free of old patterns or fears and helping them achieve their goals both emotionally and physically. She is a clinical hypnotherapist, a Master NLP practitioner, a TFT Trainer and qualified Life Coach with a Master’s Degree in Nutrition & Exercise Science. She is highly regarded as a top class therapist and international trainer and presenter and has a genuine passion for helping people find the right emotional solution for them; Janet often succeeds where other treatments or therapies have failed.


Learn how to change your own mind – Free guided meditation

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INSPIRATIONAL! I cannot believe how positive such simple techniques can make you feel. Is it legal to feel this good about yourself! Caroline Wilcox
On many levels Janet has given me back my life – to say thank you seems inadequate John Gately | As seen on TV
Before I met Janet I had a fear of tunnels and height which really affected my life… not any more!!! Both are gone. I can now go in elevators and even went in an underground restaurant which I would never have been able to do before – it’s given me back my freedom Keri Torr  | As seen on TV
Janet is an absolute star, she has helped me overcome my phobias and several other members of my team overcome anxiety and fears. She’s an inspiration! Louise Fordham

If you have other emotional issues you would like help with then drop me an email or call me on 07788 738799.