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Simple effective steps to calm your mind and reset your natural sleep cycle to achieve peaceful, restorative sleep

Join Janet Thomson for an immersive, interactive program designed to help
you relax before bed, reset your sleep cycle and enjoy regular, peaceful and
restorative slumber as soon as your head touches the pillow every evening.

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When You Sleep Well, You Live Well…

If you’re like most people, you’ve had nights where you just can’t get off to sleep. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but all you know is that your mind won’t stop chattering away and you’re struggling to get quality shut-eye.

Truth is, failing to enjoy a deep, restful sleep can really set you back the next day. Maybe you feel fatigued, sluggish and less than your best. It’s incredibly difficult to be the best version of yourself when you’ve been up all night.

That’s where ‘How To Sleep Well’ comes in…

When you successfully calm your mind and body before falling asleep, you can restore and rejuvenate your energy in ways you just can’t when you’re awake and active. Without a doubt, sleep is the greatest of all healers.

In this remarkable and totally unique programme, you’ll find a collection of practical and holistic techniques you can use to reprogram your body’s natural rhythms and enjoy all the wonderful benefits of regular, quality sleep.

Here’s Everything You Get In Your ‘How To Sleep Well’ Package...

In this unique experience, Janet will walk you through all the information you
need to relax, restore and renew through high-quality sleep. You’ll get access
to an incredible bank of resources to make lasting change in your life.

‘How To Sleep Well’ eBook

Alongside a whole host of useful tips and tricks that aid peaceful sleep, you’ll learn the practical guidelines to improving the quality of your shut-eye.

Guided Meditation: Sleep Well

Calming your mind to enter the peaceful transition between awake and asleep, this gentle practical technique guides you naturally into a sleep state.

Guided Meditation: Sleep Rhythm

Connect with the body’s natural rhythms and use them to calm and naturally sedate a busy mind as you drift off into a deep, peaceful, restorative sleep.

Calming Practical Techniques

Video and audio files covering tapping, breathing and calming techniques that de-stress your mind and body in a way that encourages high-quality sleep.

New Bonus Video lesson just added
“How To Collapse Negative Emotions & Thoughts”


‘How To Sleep Well’ Changes Your Life Through High-Quality Sleep

Janet is a great teacher and her inspirational programmes are easy to follow, with great results. Her techniques are so simple & effective in changing how you feel!"
Janey Lee Grace, Radio 2 Presenter
"I have been using Janet’s techniques for years and as a front line medical professional I have never found them more valuable. Everyone should learn this stuff - it really works!"
Himala de Zoysa
"The How To Sleep Well programme has helped me unwind and not just helped me sleep better, but feel less anxious generally."
Jane Mason
"I love the guided meditation in How To Sleep Well, I have yet to get to the end of it which I guess means it works for me!"
Lucy Whitfield
"How To Sleep Well has really helped me to think and react differently. I have found the resources so valuable and so easy to use. I wouldn’t be without them!"
Joy Martin
"Janet has been a true help and really supported me in finding new ways of thinking and new habits. The teachings are really kind and beautiful!"
Cendrine Brighton

We all know when you feel stressed it can be harder to achieve deep restful sleep, and when you are tired you are more prone to feeling stressed and anxious, so we have combined both of these wonderful programmes together for maximum benefit and rapid results on both counts.”

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