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The Elephant In The Room

 Barely a day goes by when we don’t see an article on the news or in the media telling us that as a nation we are too fat. A recent television series showed us “The Men Who Made Us Thin" which is an ironic title because as a nation we are certainly not thin. We are...

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Why Wait untill January 1st?

This summer as a result of the lovely weather I learned a new skill! OK I am not very good at it so perhaps “skill” is a little ambitious, but I learned to body board. I must say I had so much fun out there in the waves I felt like a 12 year old again – and I...

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Have you ever had to have a word with yourself?

In all my trainings and workshops I always emphasise being mindful of what you are saying to yourself. For me it’s the most important aspect of self-communication and any change-work can be enhanced or sabotaged by what you are saying internally. If you have been to...

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What is the difference between TFT and EFT?

Being a confirmed "Tapper" a question I am often asked is "what's the difference between TFT and EFT?", and there seems to be a lot of confusion which I am happy to clear up in this short post. In my previous post I explained how the concept of  "Tapping" was...

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Can you really Tap your troubles away?

Over recent years the concept of "Tapping" on specific parts of the body has been developed into arguably the most effective ever form of psychotherapy or energy therapy. There are now several versions or adaptations of the technique and I would like to share with...

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Is there such a thing as Guilt Free Gourmet?

I am often told how lucky I am to be slim. That's an interesting concept; it's true genes do influence our body size and shape, but my parents are not slim, and whatever your genetic make-up, the most significant factor in your size and shape is what and how much you...

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Fear or Phobia?

How do you tell the difference between a genuine fear or a phobia? and is it sensible to rid ourselves completely of fear? I think not! Fear is a valuable emotion that in the right circumstances can be life saving. If you have a dog phobia for example, and then...

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Seeing is believing

This week I worked with a lady who had a severe needle phobia, which was a problem as she had to have a biopsy on a lump in her breast a few days later. She came to see me after a friend of hers I had previously treated  told her about Thought Field Therapy. I asked...

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We have found the cure!

If we were as certain of the cure for cancer or heart disease as we are of the cure for obesity, think how many lives would be saved; these conditions could be virtually wiped out. We don’t need a scientific breakthrough to cure the obesity epidemic, for most people...

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Top models? They should aspire to be more like us!

I saw today that Danni Minogue has posted pics of herself in a bikini as she is about to become a judge on Britain and Irelands next top model. I for one thought she looked gorgeous before she lost the weight and am only sad for her if it truly has taken her so long...

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