This week we heard that many women buy large handbags in order to cover up their extra bulges! Goodness me first it was leggings, elasticated waists, Spanx and baggy jumpers, what next – giant umbrellas? lets just all pull on balaclavas so that the lumps on view cant be attributed to us and be done with it! Stories like this always make me sad because it takes more effort (and money!) to cover up extra inches than it does to get rid of them. As long as your goals are realistic, a few small changes can see a comfortable weight loss of 1 dress size per month; perhaps I should add to that 1 handbag size! Having helped many thousands of people lose weight successfully and keep it off, I know that your perception of what you need to do in order to be the size that you want, determines whether or not you think you can achieve it or not. What that means is “if you think you can you can, and if you think you cant you cant”. So if you think that to lose weight you need a life of deprivation and eating things you don’t like, of course you are going to fail! your unconscious mind is programmed to protect you so it certainly wont be able to sustain any regime that is painful. My guess is that if you pick just one thing that you do often that has caused your weight gain, and just focused on changing that one thing and keep everything else the same, then you will lose weight in a steady way that is rewarding. You will also get a real sense of achievement, and importantly have No Pain! If you have read Think More Eat Less, remember the story of the penny versus the million pounds? its amazing what the compound effect of repeating one small behaviour over time can do. If you change just one thing, maybe in less time than you think there will be no more need to cover up and you will be holding that clutch bag with pride! If you want to learn how to change how you think and feel about food, and learn to change your eating habits easily and without pain, then come along to my 1 day Think More Eat Less workshop “Weight Loss Made Simple” next one is Watford on March 17th