What a great time I had on Tuesday chatting with Steve Wright in the afternoon along with Janey and Tim on The Big Show on Radio 2 about the importance of mindset when it comes to weight loss, based on my book Think More Eat Less (Hayhouse).  It’s eight weeks since Christmas and many people are well and truly “off” the weight loss wagon. Even though they started off with the best intentions in the form on few years resolutions, they just cannot stick to a strict regime of not eating enough and being hungry, or eating things they don’t like. In fact most people don’t last eight weeks, or even eight days! many don’t even last eight hours. A recent study by Special K interviewed 2000 women and when asked if they thought they would be successful on their diet , 35% said no before they had even started! I was being interviewed on another radio station last week at about 11 a.m. in the morning, and the presenter asked me what she could do as her diet had “failed”, I asked her when she had started and she said 9 a.m. that morning.

View detailsThe answer is simple, you have to change your mindset to be successful, not just with weight loss but with anything. Your mind is like Google, whatever you type in is what you get back. That means if you start off saying “I wont be able to do this” and expect the fairy godmother of weight loss to arrive and do it all for you, guess what – she wont show up!

Work on the basis that what you say (with your internal voice) you will do. Let me make that as clear as possible because its a very powerful statement; what you say, your unconscious mind will develop behaviors to support, so if you say “I cant lose weight ” you are programming your mind to find ways not to lose weight. This is to support your “truth” as you are not about to prove yourself a liar – are you?  If that’s making you think about the potential power of your thoughts, and how much of a dramatic effect they have on every aspect of your life, then multiply that many times over and you can begin to understand the enormous potential you have within you, and you have only ever been one thought away from it. Step one of changing your mind  is this; speak only your truth, based on what you want to achieve. This is your superpower. Allow no other thought (not even the tiny insidious ones) to enter your mind. If any appear, banish them immediately and replace them with a more positive one. The great thing about this superpower, is that we all have it. We don’t have to turn into cartoon characters or get bitten by radioactive spiders, I have it, and more importantly YOU have it within you, Maybe you just haven’t been using it yet?

The good news is,  there are lots of techniques that I have used and developed over the years that make this process easier than you think (and you are Always thinking!) so I have written a fact sheet with a couple of practical tips on to get you started, and  you can get that here https://powertochange.me.uk/ try these with my compliments!

If you want to come along to a 1 day workshop and learn these and many other techniques in person, then I would love to see you! click here for more information on dates and venues near you. https://powertochange.me.uk/weight-loss/ or you may prefer to buy the book and the audio downloads, also available on the same link.