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Why would you……..?

This week Public Health England has launched a powerful new Stop Smoking campaign. It shows the picture you see here of an unrolled cigarette containing remnants of a badly damaged lung. The inside of the cigarette shows what the inside of your lungs will be like if...

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A “NICE” solution for weight loss

Want a NICE solution for obesity? try surgery! In the last 7 days there have been 2 disturbing news headlines; today the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), which advises the NHS, said obesity was an "immense problem" and recommended that people...

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Not Thinking Burns Calories

Would you like to completely clear your mind - to enjoy absolute quiet and experience peace in that busy space inside your head? How would it really feel to have a peaceful mind that you can tune out when necessary, just for a rest from all the busyness? Our heads can...

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Eating chocolate helps you lose weight!!

In the Daily Mail online today is an article that says eating chocolate helps you lose weight. The exact comment reads "It turns out that bowl of ice cream or packet of crisps could be good for you after all. New research on successful slimmers shows that indulging in...

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Carrot or Stick?

How would you like to find the magic formula that means you achieve everything you set your heart on? What would you achieve if you no longer self sabotaged your efforts and not only did "whatever it takes" but actually enjoyed the process? Most of us have something...

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What’s your killer question?

What is your killer question? That means what is the one thing that if you could answer truthfully would give you the answer to why you are not achieving what you want to, or feeling how you want to, or generally getting what you want out of life. Much of my work is...

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Save the biggest cheer till last

Have you ever watched a race when the person who came last got the biggest cheer? This week I have been lucky enough to be in Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games. I was lucky enough to see the opening ceremony, judo, triathlon, rugby 7’s, marathon, gymnastics, weight...

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Is Happiness A Skill We Can Teach?

I caught a question on a chat show this morning where they were asking "Should we teach children happiness?". It really stopped me in my tracks! I feel like I have a right to comment on this having a) been a child and b) had and raised 3 (amazing) children. We all...

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No weigh to treat children!

An article in the Daily Mail today features the views of Tory MP Dr Sarah Wollaston who has warned that action is needed to tackle the current health crisis, and as a preventative measure is suggesting that children are weighed annually as part of a school medical....

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Low Self – Esteem, who is kidding who?

Recent headlines confirm that Rhianna had to have counselling to get over her low self esteem before her recent concerts to combat her nerves. Of course this was manna from heaven for the media, but it is indeed a sad indictment of how some individuals are perceived...

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