Recent headlines confirm that Rhianna had to have counselling to get over her low self esteem before her recent concerts to combat her nerves. Of course this was manna from heaven for the media, but it is indeed a sad indictment of how some individuals are perceived or portrayed. In my work as a therapeutic life coach I often work with “celebrities” specifically actors and models, and the pressure they self impose is incredible. Young people have this perception that celebrity is all glamour and money, but actually for many high profile individuals the price they pay for fame is very high. It’s no coincidence that drug abuse and other forms of achieving a chemical high are commonplace. Many industries are “dog eat dog” but few are as aggressive as the entertainment industry. God bless Adele for proving that you don’t have to look like you need a good meal and writhe around in lycra to prove that talent alone IS good enough. My advice to Rhianna is to learn to love yourself – it really is the greatest love of all. Whether I am working with an abuse victim, a celebrity, or a child, I have yet to work with anyone who doesn’t benefit from learning to go inside and genuinely feel good enough. I always feel privileged and humbled when they leave visibly better. I am lucky that the techniques I use enable me to eliminate sometimes years of feeling inadequate in just one or two sessions, because we are all born KNOWING our own beauty and self worth. We don’t just believe it, we KNOW it. Unfortunately as we go through life other humans tell us we are wrong, that we are flawed, not good enough… or worse. I often remember Jodie Fosters Oscar acceptance speak where she thanked her parents for their support and encouragement saying they made her feel that every painting she ever did was a Picasso. Imagine if when they went to her school play they had said “Jodie stop showing off!” or some other cutting comment, would she be the amazing actress she is today? possibly not. For those that go through life without this support, or who have had their early beliefs crushed, just remember that when people criticise you they are often talking about their own failings or lack. In THINK MORE EAT LESS (which is really more about how you feel about yourself than it is about weight loss) I explain in detail how low self esteem is a learned behaviour, and how it can be unlearned and deleted. Perhaps I will send Rhianna a copy 🙂
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