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Mooove Over

One of the reasons I fell in love with my house was that it is right beside fields with well established footpaths. Perfect for walking (especially to the pub on a summers evening!) or jogging. The only problem was that several times I when got three quarters of the...

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That Really Takes The Biscuit!

Is a drink really too wet without one? In a week when sugar has been hitting the headlines as being as toxic as tobacco for our health, it's ironic that McVities have released the strategy behind their latest advertising campaign after allegedly spending twelve months...

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Dont Throw The Baby Out With The Bathwater

The house is in upheaval and the kitchen fitters are at last here! Whenever I have workman in I always bake a carrot cake and make sure I have the kettle on, after all it makes sense to keep them happy! However, my kitchen fitter has told me not to offer him any cakes...

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When Is A Treat Not A Treat?

When is a treat not a treat? When it masquerades as pleasure but in reality causes massive pain. I saw a perfect example of this tonight watching "My Baggy Body". Sarah, having lost 9 stone after bariatric surgery, was told she couldn't have the operation she so...

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Emotional Eating – it’s not rocket science

Well I have just watched last nights episode of Weight Loss ward on ITV. The medical staff do an amazing job with some of the most extreme cases imaginable. As with the last series I am left screaming at the TV in frustration "I think I can help!" It was physically...

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Feed Your Mind Not Your Body

The last few days we have been hearing on the media how initial estimates for the number of people who will be obese have been underestimated. I can't think of any other condition that can result in chronic illness and death that is ignored on such a grand scale. If...

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Would You Turn The Clock Back?

Last night I watched Men In Black 3. As you know from previous blogs I do like a bit of escapism combined with entertainment in my movie choices, and this fitted the bill nicely. In it "J" (Will Smith) has the opportunity to turn the clock back and change something in...

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Your Secret Life

Who are you in your dreams? This week I went to see The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty. It's a great movie; like most good movies there were some great metaphors. We see the main character leading an ordinary, (some would say boring) life. He regularly escapes into a...

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Who’se Reality Is It Anyway?

How do you know what is real and what is not? Last night I watched the last Harry Potter Movie. In case you didn't see it, Harry has to make the decision to allow Voldermort to kill him. When he does Harry is whisked away to a heavenly version of a train station,...

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Bee aware of your potential

According to the laws of aviation Bees can't fly; their wings are not strong enough to lift their little round bodies off the ground. They fly anyway. Luckily bees don't observe human limitations. It begs the question what have you not tried because someone once told...

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Twelve Daze of Chrsitmas

So here we are just a few days after Christmas and New Year and the inevitable New Years Resolutions are only a few days away; or should that be daze away? I say this because so many of us do seem to go through this week or so of festivities going from one social...

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Roger Callahan leaves an amazing legacy

This week saw the passing of one of the greatest minds in the world of holistic healing. Dr Roger Callahan started his professional life in traditional medicine and went onto become an Associate Professor and a Research Clinical Psychologist. Over the years he became...

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