Being a confirmed “Tapper” a question I am often asked is “what’s the difference between TFT and EFT?”, and there seems to be a lot of confusion which I am happy to clear up in this short post. In my previous post I explained how the concept of  “Tapping” was discovered by Dr Roger Callahan. Before his discoveries no one had considered that tapping on specific meridian points was of any use  at all. Let’s start by acknowledging that ANY tapping therapy has Roger to thank for its conception.

After his original discoveries fifty years ago, Roger continued to develop TFT until his recent retirement earlier this year.  There are several levels of  Callahan approved TFT trainings; the most basic (but still very effective) level being the 2 day algorithm practitioner. This is a straightforward protocol using the tapping sequences Roger diagnosed and recorded in his original development of the therapy using kinesiology. He found that for many people with a phobia or anxiety for example, the sequence; under eye, under arm, collar bone, worked in over 80% of cases and that additional tapping points were not necessary. This then became the simple algorithm (or sequence) for anxiety and phobias. A practitioner operating at this level can expect a success rate of around 80% after completing a two day training which is open to anyone not just therapists, but anyone wanting to learn how to either self help or help family and friends overcome emotional issues.  The next level is the diagnostic level (Dx), and this teaches  kinesiology (muscle testing). This is the procedure Roger himself used to diagnose the algorithms, so being trained at this level means you can diagnose sequences and treat those clients for whom the traditional algorithms do not completely eliminate the problem. The next and the highest level is Voice Technology (VT). For many years there was great secrecy over what exactly VT was; it was assumed that it involved a  device of some kind that measured and detected variances in the voice when talking about the problem. Training in VT was very expensive ($100,000) and only a few practitioners undertook this training. Even I did not know what exactly VT was when I wrote “Tapping For Life”. It has since been shown that in fact VT is simply the therapist using kinesiology on themselves whilst listening to the client talk about the problem, and using their own body as a surrogate using self-testing. When carried out properly it is a surprisingly effective method of diagnosing difficult or more complex problems. The success rate at this level goes up to over 90%.

Over the years many people trained with Roger at different levels and have used his concepts to go on and develop their own adaptations of Tapping. Most well known of these is EFT which was developed by Gary Craig after training with Roger at VT level.  There are two fundamental differences between TFT and EFT: with TFT you tap a specific sequence whilst the client thinks (silently) about the problem. With EFT the client verbalises the problem with a statement along the lines of “even though I have this phobia I totally and utterly love and accept myself” and ALL treatments points are tapped in the order of top to bottom. Fundamentally it is a “one size fits all” approach with regard to the tapping sequence, with the language used being the variable.

You may have seen Paul McKenna using Tapping on various television programmes; Paul uses TFT not EFT and has met with and endorsed Rogers work specifically. He like many others continues to adapt the principle of Tapping to suit his own style, whilst still acknowledging Roger as the originator. I have also been lucky enough to demonstrate the power of TFT on television and you can see a variety of short clips here of me eliminating a variety or problems including a chronic needle phobia, depression and back pain for Central ITV.

It is true to say there is a divide between some TFT and EFT practitioners, and I must confess to preferring TFT over and above EFT (having used both) as well as other similar adaptations; nevertheless any therapy that uses the concept of tapping the meridian points can deliver great results. As with most things it comes down to choice, not just choice as to whether or not you want to speak out loud and tap one sequence, or think silent thoughts and tap perhaps two or three points, but choice as to who you want to work with. If you are going to a therapist for help with an emotional issue then it’s essential that you find someone that you like and trust. For me this is even more important than which particular therapy is used. Personally I find using TFT in combination with other therapies such as Hypnotherapy, NLP and CBT, a powerful and potent mix.

Like many people I have also developed TFT and have my own way of applying it using diagnostic and VT based techniques, which I teach on my certified trainings in addition to the basic Callahan approved methods. For me it’s not just about removing the problem, it’s about giving the client something better instead. Using TFT, problems or painful emotions can be eliminated very quickly, but then it is nice is to be able to fill the gap  with something positive and healing that can give you perhaps a new strategy, an alternative way of thinking, or even a new belief.

A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of being invited onto the Chris Evans radio show (drive time) and chatting about TFT. Whilst I was there they put me to the test (of course!) and I treated Sally Traffic, Chris’s driver and a few other members of the team for cravings and addictions as it was Lent and they were all struggling with trying to give things up. The results were impressive even in such an un-therapeutic setting and it was great o be able to teach people that there are some really effective drug free alternatives to emotional problems out there. Dr Mark Chambers contributed a chapter in my book Tapping For Life giving the medical perspective which is a great endorsement. One of the best things about TFT is that it can do no harm and anyone can learn it. If you get it wrong, it just doesn’t work, but unlike many other therapies you do not make the situation worse. It might simply be a case of using a different sequence – and then the problem is eliminated.

I for one am immensely grateful to Dr Callahan for his amazing discovery, and although many people (including myself) will go on and develop and adapt this wonderful therapy, we should all acknowledge and appreciate his amazing and quite simply wonderful contribution and thank him for setting us all on the right path.

If you would like to come along and learn how to use this amazing technique for yourself, you can find details of upcoming trainings here. If you visit my home page you can also register for a free fact sheet which will teach you the basics and get you started. Tapping for life is available on Amazon or if you would like to have additional hypnotic downloads to accompany it you can get those here.

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