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Change Your Mind

Tapping For Life: Thought Field Therapy certified training

Janet is a great teacher and her techniques work quickly and easily to bring you immediate benefits.  I totally recommend her trainings.

Janey Lee Grace

Holistic expert and author of Look Good Naturally, Radio 2 Presenter

Certified TFT (Thought Field Therapy)

Accredited Training Course For Existing Coaches & Therapists

1 day course: November 27th 2016 – London

Fully certified training just £275 (normally £397)

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Nutrition Day: What Your Body Needs and Why

January 8th 2017 – London

Venue: Crown Plaza Hotel, London

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Special Offer – Book two days and get extra special discounts!

* If you pay a deposit, the balance is due 14 days before the event

Placebo Diet – Professional Training

2 day course: January 14th/15th 2017 – London

Professional training course for coaches and therapists to enhance their skills when working with weight loss clients.

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Change Your Mind – 2 Day Training


New dates for 2016 coming soon

If you are fed up of feeling a certain way or doing things that you don’t want to do but can’t stop – this course is especially for you. It’s inspiring and practical and after just 2 days you will leave with a totally new way of thinking.

How does it work?

Well everything starts with a thought, and those thoughts create neurological pathways in your brain that dictate your behaviours. With the right techniques you can learn to delete old pathways and create new ones, so that you can create brand new habits. In this unique course you will understand how the process of neuroplasticity allows you to change any aspect of your behaviour that you don’t like and create new beliefs. Based on sound scientific research combined with a range of established practical therapeutic techniques, plus some brand new ones, this course elegantly combines science with user friendly practical change-work. Using these principles you will be able to change how you think and feel, and change any aspect of your life you are not happy with.

Dates: November 14th and 15th

Venue: Hinckley Island Hotel -Near Leicester | LE10 3JA, just off M69

Normal Price £395

Early bird £350 ends 10th October

Payments are non-refundable. In exceptional circumstances may be transferred to alternative courses Deposit £100 – balance payable 1st November 2015

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Watch Bev Darlinson’s testimonial about Janet’s Change Your Mind training course:

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) 2 day accredited training


New dates for 2016 coming soon

TFT often known as “Tapping” is a simple, fast and effective therapy that can bring immediate relief from a range of negative emotions. With an astonishingly high success rate of 80-90% it can be used for self treatment and self help, or learned as a skill to be used on or with others. The beauty of TFT (apart from how elegantly it works) is that it’s non invasive, and unlike many talking therapies does not require the individual to spend ages talking about the problem. The process of tapping on specific meridian points (identified centuries ago in Traditional Chinese Medicine and also used for acupuncture and other treatments) releases or collapses negative emotions. Traumas or anxieties that may have been present for years or even decades, can often be eliminated in just one session. Sometimes even in minutes.

For weight loss workshops please visit
The Placebo Diet website.

Book Front Cover

Janet’s book “Tapping For Life” contains an introduction and recommendation from the creator of Tapping Dr Roger Callahan:

Janet is creative and unique in her ability to explain TFT she is an excellent trainer.


Dr Roger Callahan

If you have other emotional issues you would like help with then drop me an email or call me on 07788 738799.