For our hunter gatherer ancestors, the need to lose weight was not an issue, for them the main challenge was getting more fats, carbs and even sugar into their diet. Their priority was to consume enough energy to survive, and to hunt. Since we have ‘evolved’ and supposedly ‘improved’ the opposite is now true. We eat too much, largely of the wrong stuff, we don’t need to hunt, and energy saving devices are seen as lifestyle improvements. As a species especially in the Western World, we are too fat.

The first person known to have gone on a “diet” was the person with the most plentiful supply of food in the United Kingdon; King, William 1st, who history calls ‘William The Conqueror’. History records him as being a very fat man indeed, by today’s standards the technical term would be ‘morbidly obese’. He was so big that by the end of his reign he was too big to get on a horse, which was a huge problem as it was not only the key mode of transport, but also considered very regal. It’s not just todays celebrities who feel pressure to present a certain image, in those days riding a horse was considered very regal and therefore compulsory for public perception. William had an image to maintain.

The no food diet!

It was clear that something needed to be done. His first attempt at losing weight was to eliminate food and live solely off liquid – typically alcohol, so the ‘Beer and Wine Diet’ became the first ever fad diet. Surprisingly he did lose enough weight to be able to get back on his horse. Unfortunately, this led to his demise as a short while later he was killed in a riding accident. His diet did actually kill him though not in the way you would expect; whether he fell off because he had low blood sugar and could not function because he was ‘under the influence’ we will never know. It’s reported that despite having lost some weight, he was still so big that he had to be literally squeezed and pressed into his large coffin. In comparison, in current times some patients are so big that the walls of their houses have to literally be dismantled to remove them. Hospitals are having to build new bigger stronger beds to accommodate this growing population (ambiguity intentional!)

So there the ‘Diet’ story begins. Ironically the first ever diet didn’t work. William was not only the creator of what became known as the ‘diet’, but also the first ever ‘fad diet’, and as if that’s not enough, he was the first ever failed dieter. Not much has changed. Until now.

Thankfully we now know a lot more about how to lose weight and the effect of nutrition, exercise and our mind-set on our body, and there are credible guidelines that can result in genuine and lasting weight loss. However, so many people still fall foul to the latest trends and fad diets, and become trapped on the endless weight loss wheel, eventually ending up years later fatter than when they started. Not to mention a loss of health.

The phrase ‘Diets don’t work’ is common, yet many failed dieters still keep trying the next best thing, and then reinvesting in yet another ‘diet’ that doesn’t work. No other industry would survive on delivering failures on such an epic scale. We need a ‘diet’ that really works. People no longer eat to survive, they eat to feel better. Food is the ultimate freely available Placebo; it makes us feel better because we think it does. Unless we address this issue any progress is likely to be temporary.

Albert Einstein is widely credited with saying

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results

There are three reasons why most diets don’t work.

1. Nutritionally not beneficial
2. Neurologically people are wired to revert to old behaviours
3. People rarely connect with the spiritual aspect of themselves and don’t appreciate that you are not your body, but your body is where you live.

Most weight loss regimes are based around two elements, Nutrition and Exercise. This leaves out arguably the most important, which is the mind-set or psychological approach. When combined, these three elements become greater than the sum of their parts, and offer a complete and holistic approach that not only works, but by its nature is pain and deprivation free. This is the Holy Trinity when it comes to effective permanent weight loss. This is the difference between knowing what to do, and being wise enough to do it.

Knowledge is knowing a fruit is a tomato – wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

When you combine the elements of mind set and provide tools to change neurology, with the right nutrition advice that genuinely promotes health (of which weight is only one element) and link those to a genuine self-worth and understanding that we a) deserve to live in a healthy body, and b) can make the choices that make that happen… health and weight loss is inevitable. If you are making the best choices for the best reasons and you are genuinely happy and loving your food, the best ever diet is the one where you don’t feel like you are on a diet.

Learn to love the foods that love you back.

It’s not surprising that people’s heads are turned with the latest fads and food fashions. When I did my nutrition training and went onto complete my master’s degree, we didn’t have the wonderful research that has come out in recent years focusing on gut health as the primary focus for health, and therefore weight. Nor did we have the wonderful research on neuroplasticity which has enabled us to learn how habits are formed, and how to change them.

It has been my passion to use this information to create the very best programmes to help people live in the healthiest body possible, and so often this leads to emotional health too. Not just because they feel happier about being slimmer, but because brain function (like everything else in the body) is determined by our diet. Food doesn’t only affect how you look, it affects your mood and how your brain functions.

I am delighted to say that The Placebo Diet covers all three elements in a very real and practical way. Not only that, clients learn from the information provided within the programmes, exactly why and how it works. Knowledge is power. Once you learn something important, you cannot unlearn it. The Placebo diet programmes are the complete package and the only diet you will ever need!

My Placebo Diet is designed to help you adapt your current food choices, so you never feel like you’re depriving yourself. The simple Colour Code Nutrition System explains what your body needs and why by categorising food into four colour groups. It also includes video clips which break the information into bite-sized (pun intended!) chunks, as well as MP3 clips to listen to wherever you are. These are designed to change your relationship with food – and yourself – for good.

Set yourself free from conflicting advice, calorie-counting and disappointing fad diets with a weight loss plan to take care of your body and mind, in a permanent way.

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