This blog is potentially one of the most important that you may ever read. I say that not to overstate my writing skills; I am not that vain or that deluded! but because I am going to teach you some very basic, but very powerful TFT or tapping techniques.

Tapping is an incredible energy therapy that uses the flow of energy through the meridians to change your emotional, and sometimes physical, state. ‘Thought Field Therapy’ is the original tapping therapy and was discovered and created by the brilliant Dr Roger Callahan, who I was lucky enough to train with and who wrote me a wonderful introduction for my own book ‘Tapping for Life’.

When it comes to preventing self-sabotage and negativity, I have never found a more powerful or effective method and I would like to share with you how you can use such a simple process to greatly increase your chances of success.

Of all the wonderful ways that TFT works, including eliminating negative emotions, anxiety and traumatic feelings, the most impressive is the way it can correct a physiological and emotional state called “Psychological Reversal”. This is explained in much more detail in my book ‘Tapping for Life’, but in brief –

 “psychological reversal (PR) is when your mind does the opposite from what you want it to; in practical terms, it can mean putting the butter in the oven and the chicken in the fridge instead of the other way around, or putting something down and immediately forgetting to remember where exactly you put it. We can all relate to doing these things! In-fact most of us are in and out of PR every day in some form or another, but critically PR can be more harmful than just causing us to make simple errors, it can amplify negative emotions and prohibit healing and recovery from illness”

Your body has a polarity, we are energetic beings. We know that we conduct energy, that’s why we don’t stand outside in lightning storms or put our fingers in plug sockets! But just like a battery has a plus (+) and minus (-) charge, we know that if we put the battery the wrong way up in our remote controls, it doesn’t work. The energy literally flows the wrong way. It’s possible to measure your polarity using a simple electrician’s voltmeter, placing one lead on the underside of your thumb and the other on the back of your hand. When you think about someone you love or something that makes you feel really good, the reading will show positive, but if you think about a fear or someone that has badly hurt you, then it goes into negative. It’s as if your emotional battery has been turned upside down. When you are in PR you are much more prone to negative thinking and self-sabotage, in fact it’s extremely difficult to think positive thoughts and take positive action.

As most of us experience good and bad things every day, and we are constantly changing the way we think and feel based on our experiences and our environment, it’s good to know that there is a simple way to correct our polarity whenever we feel negativity.

Clearing or correcting PR is the first practical technique I teach in my ‘Placebo Diet’ programme, and as powerful as it is, it takes literally seconds. You can start doing this simple technique right now. Simply tap the side of your hand 15+ times, on the karate spot.

This technique alone is worthy of ten seconds of your time several times a day, and can help with motivation, energy levels, concentration, self-esteem, it can remove negative thoughts, and promote physical health and healing. It’s the single most powerful and possibly the most important component of TFT. The side of the hand or “PR” spot, is THE most important tapping point on the body. Get into the routine of tapping it every time you wash your hands, whether you think you need it or not.

If tapping the PR spot does not clear your negativity, then you can use the triangle sequence I will demonstrate in my video below. I start and finish everyday with this technique, rather than wait until I feel negative, I work on the basis that prevention is better than cure!

It’s especially beneficial to do this exercise before your visualisations, to ensure that the energy you emit both outwardly and inwardly are positive and focused. I have spoken before (and will do again no doubt!) about how important rituals are in the pursuit of your goals, and this one little ritual may be one of the most important you ever learn!