Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall recently said that Obesity has become the ‘new normal’. It affects so many of us, two thirds of us are overweight and many suffer from Diabetes and related health issues – YES eating healthy fresh food instead of takeaways and junk is part of the solution… BUT habits are powerful – many of us KNOW what we SHOULD eat yet still find healthy eating a huge challenge.

Habits and emotions drive food choices – which means it’s all happening inside the brain. Knowing that a piece of cake is contributing to excess weight and ill-health is not enough to stop us eating it – or millions of people every year would not be trying a new diet, yet again. Learning to control your brain – and more importantly change it – will help you to lose weight.

I created The Placebo Diet as the first and only weight-loss program that combines a scientifically created simple-to-follow nutrition plan with practical mind exercises which permanently change the patterns and habits that make you overeat. The two elements combined, are the powerhouse to transforming weight and health. The nutrition system helps identify which body systems may be out of line and helps bring your body back to fat burning efficiency and optimum health, and the mind exercises help create new habits that mean the desire to overeat is lost and you will be naturally driven to make food choices that bring you more energy, more vitality and reduce your waistline.

The Placebo effect, a medical phenomenon is when a strong belief that something is good for you changes your physiology and the behavioral techniques of The Placebo Diet program are thoroughly researched and based on cutting edge science (the process of self-directed neuroplasticity), which brings credibility to the programme, something missing in so many fad diets.

I have over 25 years’ experience helping people achieve their goals as a nutritionist and weight-loss coach, with my Master’s in Nutrition & Exercise Science, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Tapping (Thought Field Therapy) and Clinical Hypnotherapy training, and over 25 years working in the fitness industry and running my own health clubs, I’ve seen how so many diets that only work on the food element, may work for a short period but ultimately they fail to achieve a healthy mind and a healthy, fat burning body.

The Placebo Diet can not only change how you feel about food, it will also boost confidence, because so much of the work is based on valuing yourself and building self-esteem, and not just because you are getting slimmer!

If you would like me to teach you some practical techniques in person, that will help you get and stay motivated and make the changes you want to make, you have several choices: you can come along to a Placebo Diet workshop or Champneys weight loss retreat where I will personally guide you through the process of using your mind to change your body, or you could follow the Placebo Diet At Home programme through regular videos and guided mediations.

Remember you don’t have to be on a diet! But you do have to eat for the rest of your life, right? That means you need a system – a way of choosing the right foods that will last you a lifetime.

The colour code system is that system. I must emphasize again that you must take responsibility for what you eat: it’s just not possible to design one ‘diet’ that works for absolutely everyone. But you can use the colour code template to create a lifetime eating plan that will bring you health and energy! The super simple colour-code system is available in my book and as part of my Placebo Diet at Home packages.

If you want a super convenient way of accessing it and you prefer to ‘watch’ then the Colour Code System on video is super convenient and easy to follow, you can watch it in bite size chunks (pun intended!) and keep it for good. Learn which foods will boost your metabolism, your immune system, and your overall vitality so that you maximise your weight loss and get lifelong benefits. Learn what light and healthier foods to eat that will replace heavy, fat inducing foods. No fads, no gimmicks, just informative inspiring information all put together into 4 simple colours. Just use these colours to categorise everything you eat, and the science behind this simple system will do everything else for you, including stabilising your blood sugar, reducing physiological cravings, improving digestion and liver function – and of course burning more fat!