It has been said that of the thousands of thoughts we have every day, over 80 per cent are the same negative ones repeated over and over again. So, it’s time for some new thinking! You are just one thought away from changing everything. Are you ready for that? Every thought is a piece of the jigsaw puzzle that makes up who you are.

I have been working with people who want to change how they think and feel (as well as how they look) for more than 25 years, and it’s my belief that many of the negative thoughts those people had weren’t even their own – by that I mean that they accepted the negative imprint from someone else. In other words, they accepted other people’s thinking as their own. My advice to you is to stop letting other people’s Systemic Harmful Invasive Thoughts (S.H.I.T.) affect you!

Systemic – goes all the way through you
Harmful – hurts
Invasive & Infectious – get below the skin
Thoughts – are Things and they define you

These types of thoughts activate the amygdala & pain centres in the brain, altering your brain chemistry and making you feel bad.

It’s their S.H.I.T. not yours. You can create a much better thought process of your own. So, the next time you find yourself thinking something negative, just remember: that thought is S.H.I.T. Choose a better one.

Your internal voice is a representation of your thoughts and as such, it can be controlled and changed. Most people leave their internal voice on the default setting, they play what they are used to hearing – what they know. They don’t make the effort to tune into a different voice; you would probably re-tune a radio and see what else is on if you didn’t like what you were listening to, so do the same in your head.

If you really must accept other people’s thoughts, then surround yourself with positive, optimistic people who really achieve what they want. I’m not talking about money, although that often comes to positive thinkers, but in all areas – physically, who has what you would like to have?

Listen to what they say, talk to them in a bit more detail about how they think, pay attention to their actions and notice how many more positive choices they make around food. Are they just lucky to be slim? Of course not. There’s no such thing. It’s all down to choice.

C.L.E.A.N. Thinking

Here’s an alternative way of thinking, use language that is:

• Caring
• Loving
• Encouraging
• Aspirational
• Nurturing

These CLEAN thoughts increase serotonin levels and activate the pleasure and reward centres in your brain, changing your brain chemistry to make you feel good. When your brain is full of “happy” chemicals you are predisposed to learning and creating new neurological pathways.