Following the Placebo Diet, you learn how your brain and how your body works, the third piece of the puzzle for healthy, easy weight loss is my colour code system.

My colour code system is designed to focus on getting you healthy and balancing your hormones, so you become a natural fat burner. With this system you get to choose the foods you eat, and you can create your own diet based on what you know will work.

There are of course guidelines and suggestions, but it is not a strict regime as with most diets. No two people are the same, so, based on how you feel, and how much weight you want to lose, you can adapt my system to find the right combination that works for you.

The colour code system is made up of four food groups and this is the basic overview.

GREEN – Vegetables and fruit and most foods (excluding starchy carbs) that grow in the soil. 7-10 portions per day. Aim for minimum 2 per meal

PINK – Starchy carbohydrates – i.e. all grains and related products (pasta, bread, rice, cereals, etc.) plus potatoes. 1-3 portions per day. Always combine with a BLUE.

BLUE – Fats and proteins, including fish, meat, dairy, nuts, seeds, oils. 1-5 portions per day (various sizes) and have 1-2 with each meal and use as snacks.

RED – Sweets, cream, ice-cream, alcohol, sugar, refined honey, pastries, cakes, crisps, deep-fried chips, high-fat takeaway meals – food that has no nutritional benefit whatsoever (just empty calories). Optional irregular snacks

Some foods contain strong elements of another group and a food can have a high glycaemic value or a low glycaemic value. The super simple colour-code system is available in my book and as part of my Placebo Diet at Home packages.

I’m excited to launch the Colour Code System on video – super convenient and easy to follow – learn which foods will boost your metabolism, your immune system, and your overall vitality so that you maximise your weight loss and get lifelong benefits. The science behind this simple system will do everything else for you, including stabilising your blood sugar, reducing physiological cravings, improving digestion and liver function – and of course burning more fat!

My upcoming Colour Fast Diet Day takes this great system one step further and teaches you how to safely detox and boost your metabolism and kick start your weight loss – get all the information you need and set yourself free!

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I have just three ‘golden rules’ when it comes to food:

  1. Never use any food as a reward or a treat. Eat for one reason only: because your body needs fuel – so give it the best quality fuel possible. If you enjoy consuming the fuel, then so much the better! Eating is a great social activity and should be enjoyed but eating out doesn’t have to mean getting fat – you can apply my guidelines wherever you are.
  2. Never ban yourself from eating something. This will only make you want it more. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to say, ‘don’t have’ certain foods – in a few cases I’m going to say just that! But I’m talking in general terms, and of course what I’m really saying is, “If you have these foods other than once in a blue moon, you will get heavier or stay fat.” You make the final choice as to what you put in your mouth, not me.
  3. If you don’t like it don’t eat it – no matter how healthy or good for you it is! Make only positive food association.

Get this right and make the changes you are happy with and this will be the last “diet” you will ever need.