Let’s say you are out for lunch with a friend who is about the same shape and size as you. He or she chooses a tuna Niçoise salad and you choose a four-cheese pizza. Does that make you fatter than your friend straight away? Of course, it doesn’t!

You think it’s just one little choice that won’t make you fat, and of course that one choice doesn’t. Over the next few months, you meet regularly with this and other friends, and having eaten a greasy pizza and not got fat, the message is, ‘One more won’t hurt’, so you continue to choose creamy coffees, pizzas and high-fat desserts, because hey, individually none of these choices matters, right? Wrong! After a few months, an accumulation of bad thinking and split-second fast choices really do matter. It’s like compound interest!

Question: How did you get fat?

Answer: One bite at a time!

To sum this section up remember this acronym. It’s called T-CUP
thinking and is another way of describing slow thinking:


Any chefs among you will know that to cook a lobster you simply stun it and drop it into boiling water. To cook a frog, however, you need to be subtler. If you dropped a frog into boiling water, it would immediately jump out.

However, if you put a frog into tepid water it is quite happy. Then, when you increase the water temperature by one degree it barely notices and can sit or swim quite happily. Increase another degree and the frog is thinking, ‘One more won’t hurt’ and so it goes on, until in the end you have boiled frog. He kept thinking that one more wouldn’t hurt, but combined together they all hurt, a lot. Don’t be a frog.

Every thought matters. You didn’t get fat eating one pizza, one chocolate bar, one ice cream or one extra slab of cheese. You didn’t get fat not going to the gym for one day or not moving any more than you had to for 24 hours. Your fatness is the result of the compound effect of all your thoughts and behaviours.


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Every day it’s estimated we make around 200 choices about food, yet most of these are unconscious patterns or habits. This programme will help you take back control of your food choices and reprogramme your mind to update and change them. You can say goodbye to emotional eating and cravings and learn to “love the foods that love you back” and that give you the body that you want and deserve.