For effective fat burning and weight loss, you need the right combination of glucose and fat. While you can burn glucose without fat, you cannot burn fat without glucose. So, if blood glucose is too high, you use glucose for energy instead of burning fat; insulin makes sure of this by blocking fat burning. The answer is not to have so much glucose that you don’t need to burn fat, but not too little that you need to cannibalize your muscle tissue to make up the deficit. It’s all about balance. For an optimum fat burning body you also need to increase the amount of muscle tissue (LBM) in your body in order to maximize the amount of fat you can burn. 

There are many diets today that advocate a ‘low’ or ‘no carb’ regime to get a lean body – however, becoming lean by eating vast amounts of protein is not the way to go and anyway, your body decides how much protein to use for muscle growth (as opposed to many other things) based purely on how often and how much you use your muscles so if you sat on your bed and consumed a vast numbers of protein shakes, you would still get fat. A diet too high in protein and too low in carbs can also disrupt the body’s natural balance, including its pH levels, which can lead to osteoporosis, kidney damage, heart disease and many other serious health consequences. Protein is important, essential in fact, but in the right quantities.

With the right amount of glucose in your bloodstream, every time you move your muscles, you are burning some fat; you are also burning some fat at rest, and even at night and every time you exercise, the hormones and enzymes that release and burn fat become more efficient. The growth and repair of your muscle tissue – which occurs overnight during restful sleep – builds healthier, stronger muscles – increasing your lean body mass (LBM)…. a win-win…which enables you to burn more fat every day, even when you are not exercising.

So, getting the balance of nutrients right with the correct balance of protein, carbs and glucose is what is important to turn your body from a fat storer to a fat burner 24hrs a day! If your diet is very poor and you have inadvertently trained your body to become a fat storer, it typically takes 2-3 weeks to first reset your appetite, balance blood sugar to eliminate cravings, and to delete old food habits and replace them with new ones. Then you begin to make the switch from being a fat storer to a fat burner. Nutritional balance forms the basis of my colour-code system and you can be confident that all the calculations have been done for you.

If you choose the right number of foods from the right colour groups, you will be nourishing your body, helping to balance your hormones, and enhancing your fat-burning capabilities.

The good news is, even if you have spent years yo-yo dieting and messed up your system, in a relatively short amount of time, with the right know-how, the right nutrition, and regular exercise to improve your body’s composition and reduce the ratio of fat to muscle, you can restore the balance. It won’t happen overnight – it will take time to get your body into the healthy state you desire and become a fat burner. – but it’s absolutely possible.

My Colour Fast Re-Set (CFRS) diet is a short 14-day programme based on the key elements of the Colour Code System (CCS) but more restrictive and slightly more disciplined. I’ve designed it specifically as a detox and to help correct a sluggish metabolism and if you are stuck physically or emotionally and need an effective re-boot it’s for you. Your body really is where you live. And you deserve to live in a wonderful home BUT it’s important that you take responsibility for the upkeep of that home; you are not a lodger, you own it. And in many ways, it defines you and the way you can live your life. In a healthy body you have more energy, you can move more easily and experience things an unhealthy diseased body cannot.


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After the 2 week Colour Fast Reset I feel better physically & emotionally and the 6kg lost was a nice bonus! Great easy recipes that have become a way of life – Alasdair MacInnes

Wow, what a transformation. Bloating has gone, energy levels are higher & no longer feel like an afternoon nap at 3pm. Hormones have settled down which means I’m not in agony once a month with horrendous joint pain, nails are stronger, skin is clearer (the list is endless). I feel like “me” again now I’ve got my life back  – Sandra Harnett

I lost over 15lbs in 6 weeks really quite easily! This is definitely a long-term strategy not really a “diet” in the traditional sense, it’s more of a strategy and I can’t imagine straying far from this in the future – Lorna Harvey