“You are only as good as what you are doing” is a very wise statement. It makes me think how many areas of our life that is appropriate for. If you’re a personal assistant and you are totally on top of the game, managing your boss’s diary and checking every detail and keeping the office running smoothly, then you are not “being” a personal secretary, you are “doing” it.  So when it comes to your emotional physical or spiritual health, you are also only as good as what you are DOING.

If you’re doing well and you enjoy great health then that is fantastic! Your body will reward you richly with a much higher quality of life, on all levels. But to be healthy, you have to do healthy things! Not all the time (thank goodness!). I am absolutely not “holier than thou” when it comes to nutrition. I am no purist. If I go out for a meal I am quite likely to tuck into a dessert providing there’s one on the menu that I like. However, at home I don’t buy them, so it’s not something I do often. I would say on average I “do” health about 85% of the time. The other 15% isn’t me doing violently unhealthy things, but for that time I am more relaxed about my choices, because I know that making unhealthy choices occasionally is not going to make me fat or unfit. No one ever gained a stone from one pizza or one cream cake, but it’s easy to gain a stone if you eat them regularly, in fact it’s pretty much guaranteed.

The problem is that people say they want to be healthy, but are stuck in a rut of making bad choices. whether they be negative food choices, spending hours on the sofa, excess drinking or smoking. None of which would harm your health if you had only done them once.

My job is to help people get out of their stuck state and not just make changes, but enjoy the changes even before they have achieved the longer term rewards. I have many practical techniques that makes this easier, such as self-hypnosis, tapping, and a few other magic tricks .

One of the best ways to prevent or stop self-sabotage is to tap the triangle sequence every morning and night (do it in the shower or when you clean your teeth and build it into your routine), and to tap the side of your hand throughout the day. This will help to maintain your body’s natural polarity.

The best way to explain this is to think of a battery with a positive and negative charge at either end. If you put the battery in your TV remote in the wrong way up, energy doesn’t flow as it’s supposed to and you cannot change the channel. Every cell in your body has a polarity, it’s one of the ways things get into and out of cells via positive or negative charges, and for a cell to heal the polarity must be positive; damaged cells always have a negative charge.

It’s hardly surprising then that our polarity can affect us emotionally as well. If you are negatively charged or out of balance (this is known as being in “reversal”) then self-sabotage and negativity are a natural state. The good news is, this reversal is really easy to correct. If we go back to the battery, with one end positive and one negative, then the equivalent of your body’s top and bottom is not the top of your head versus the bottom of your feet, it’s actually the back of your hand and the palm of your hand, which are literally opposite sides of the body.

TFT or Tapping uses the bodies meridians to collapse negative emotions, but the most important tapping point of all is the side of your hand, or karate point, which is the meridian that balances your polarity.  Simply by tapping the side of your hand, you can correct reversal and go a long way to stopping self-sabotage. This can actually be measured using a voltmeter and is a very powerful and much under-rated technique.

Given that the brain functions on chemical and electrical energy, it makes perfect sense to take a few seconds several times a day to keep it in positive charge, so that we are more able to make positive decisions and choices.

Here’s a quick video demonstrating the technique, or as a reminder if you have seen me teach it before.