There is a very special and unique part of you, perhaps deep, deep within, that was created before you came into physical life – long before you took your first breath. Maybe you refer to this part of you as your ‘soul’, or your ‘spirit’? Whichever phrase you use, this is your absolute essence, the source of who you truly are. I believe that not only did this part of you exist before you were born, but that it will continue in some sense after your physical body is done. But whatever you believe, know this for sure: there is a part of you that is not physical. 

This special part of you – I will call it your spirit (but you may refer to it by any name, such as your soul); when connected to your physical body, it gave you, and still gives you, life. What have you given it back? In return for these gifts, what do you give your spiritual essence? Unlike your physical body it doesn’t live off food and water – it lives and grows, or shrivels and rots, based on the quality of your thoughts and your attitude toward the precious gift of life. How well do you look after the mystical and magical part of you? 

There are many ways to look after it. The first and most important is to give it a nice, safe, clean place to live – that’s your body. For the first few years of your life, this is the responsibility of your parents, but it has long since been your responsibility. You must accept that responsibility with a sense of gratitude, sincere commitment and responsibility. You can honour your spiritual essence by simply giving it a good home. 

If you moved into a new house, of the bricks and mortar kind, and it was a mess – with broken windows, crumbling walls, and ceilings that looked like they were about to collapse – and all of this was visible from the outside, what would you do? If you would slob out and accept it and do nothing, then what are you doing with an interest in The Placebo Diet? I don’t think that’s the kind of person you are. Most people who are reading this are much more proactive – they would not tolerate that kind of lifestyle. They genuinely want better things from life. They would refurbish and redecorate – or if that wasn’t possible, they would move to a new house. Would you? 

Remember you don’t have to be on a diet constantly! But you do have to eat for the rest of your life, right? That means you need a system – a way of choosing the right foods that will last you a lifetime. A system that focuses on getting you healthy and balancing your hormones, and your gut flora so that you become a natural fat burner. With this system you get to choose the foods you eat, and you can create your own diet based on what you know will work. This system is my Colour Code System. When it comes to the right amounts of fats, carbohydrates and protein, my Colour Code System does all the balancing out for you and it also makes it easier to follow something when you trust it. It is made up of four food groups and is not a faddy diet, it’s a simple way to follow a diet that is full of vitality, will give you energy and naturally reduce cravings – and of course your waistline!

Based on how you feel, and how much weight you want to lose, you can adapt my system to find the right combination that works for you. Learn which foods will boost your metabolism, your immune system, and your overall vitality so that you maximise your weight loss and get lifelong benefits.  

Learn what light and healthier foods to eat that will replace heavy, fat inducing foods. No fads, no gimmicks, just informative inspiring information all put together into 4 simple colours. Just use these colours to categorise everything you eat, and the science behind this simple system will do everything else for you, including stabilising your blood sugar, reducing physiological cravings, improving digestion and liver function – and of course burning more fat! 

GREEN – Vegetables and fruit and most foods (excluding starchy carbs) that grow in the soil. 7-10 portions per day. Aim for minimum 2 per meal. 

PINK – Starchy carbohydrates – i.e., all grains and related products (pasta, bread, rice, cereals, etc.) plus potatoes. 1-3 portions per day. Always combine with a BLUE. 

BLUE – Fats and proteins, including fish, meat, dairy, nuts, seeds, oils. 1-5 portions per day (various sizes) and have 1-2 with each meal and use as snacks. 

RED – Sweets, cream, ice-cream, alcohol, sugar, refined honey, pastries, cakes, crisps, deep-fried chips, high-fat takeaway meals – food that has no nutritional benefit whatsoever (just empty calories). Optional irregular snacks 

Some foods contain strong elements of another group and a food can have a high glycaemic value or a low glycaemic value. The super simple Colour-Code System is available in my book and as part of my Placebo Diet at Home. 

In our Members Area we have dozens of delicious and simple recipes already Colour Coded. These simple, delicious and nutrient-dense meals have helped 100’s of people permanently collapse cravings, revitalise energy, change shape and boost vitality. You can have 24/7 access to delicious recipes, plus inspirational videos, and effective workouts designed to change your life and boost your vitality for good so that you don’t even have to think about it – all the work is done for you! With a Premium Membership you also get fortnightly live video coaching calls with Janet – get and stay inspired as part of a live community. Each call is themed and includes practical advice and techniques to personalise and optimise your experience – and results! Check out the details