Last night I watched Men In Black 3. As you know from previous blogs I do like a bit of escapism combined with entertainment in my movie choices, and this fitted the bill nicely. In it “J” (Will Smith) has the opportunity to turn the clock back and change something in the past. In his case (of course) it was something that changed/saved the world! But if you could go back and change one of the choices you made in your past, what would you change? Bear in mind this hypothetical question doesn’t allow for things you had no control over, but things that you chose for yourself. Let’s be even more specific; if you could change something that you did that resulted in a habit or a pattern of behaviour that still affects you now, what would you change? Perhaps you would not have that first cigarette and as a result now be a non smoker, or not placed that first bet? those are quite obvious choices, but little choices that we make and repeat over time also have a massive consequence on our lives. For example in our house my mum ALWAYS served a pudding after dinner. Even now my parents wouldn’t dream of having a dinner without it being followed by “something sweet”. That’s an innocuous choice that in and of itself is inconsequential, but when repeated over time is hugely significant. I might add here that I have the tooth fillings to prove it! Many everyday habits and choices come from such humble beginnings, but their effects are stealth like and can be devastating.
The good news is that you don’t have to go back in time to change something like having pudding after every meal, or not having that next cigarette, or not buying chocolate every time you put fuel in your car, or not collapsing on the sofa at every opportunity instead of moving your body. Making these choices will make a big difference to how you feel when they are repeated over time. They are changes that it’s easy to make, the problem is that they are also easy not to make. You have to choose.
The examples I have given you relate to health issues and specifically weight loss, but there are also many habits or patterns that affect your mental or emotional health. For example how nice are you to yourself? What do you say to yourself on a regular basis? Do you get up in the morning and look in the mirror and genuinely say something encouraging and nice? or do you insult yourself? If so – how’s that working for you? If you could change one thing that you say to yourself on a regular basis and replace it with something that would serve you much better, what would it be? Your internal dialogue is the biggest driver of your behaviour so be careful what you say – you are listening! And you don’t have to go back in time to change – you can do it right now.
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