When you understand and implement my colour code system into your everyday life this will be the last “diet” you will ever need. And – you won’t even feel like you are on a diet. Here are three golden rules for eating well and creating a healthy relationship with food.

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Never use any food as a reward or a treat.

Eat for one reason only: because your body needs fuel. You are not your body, but your body is where you live, and it relies on you and trusts you to look after it, so that it can in turn look after you, so give it the best quality fuel possible. If you enjoy consuming the fuel, then so much the better!

Eating is a great social activity and should be enjoyed but eating out doesn’t have to mean getting fat – you can apply the colour code system guidelines wherever you are.

Never ban yourself from eating something.

This will only make you want it more. That doesn’t mean I’m rarely going to say, ‘never” have certain foods –although in a few cases I’m going to say exactly that, what I’m really saying is, “If you have these foods other than once in a blue moon, you will get heavier or stay fat”.

It’s a question of boycotting the things that stop you achieving your goal, in the same way you wouldn’t turn into a road that took you the opposite direction that you wanted to go. You make the final choice as to what you put in your mouth, not me, because it’s you that has to live with the consequences, I only have to live with the consequences of what I eat, and I fully accept the responsibility for looking after my body. Do you accept the same responsibility for yours?

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If you don’t like it don’t eat it – no matter how healthy or good for you it is!

Make only positive food associations. We need to remove as many old diet associations as possible. I kept trying to make myself like fresh olives for their beneficial fat content, but I really don’t like them, so I stopped, and eat avocado instead which is a different source of similar fats.