Change Your Mind

My Colour fast Re-Set is a totally holistic 14-day programme that not only gives you the right foods to change your body and the way it functions, but also to change how you think and feel. It contains a Resource Pack, full of practical therapeutic techniques that you can do yourself, and a “Change Your Mind Fast” audio (MP3) to help reprogramme your thinking, plus some videos explaining and demonstrating how to use the techniques. That’s before you even get to the nutrition element!

Change Your Body

A healthy body can digest, absorb and metabolise the food we eat to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. An unhealthy body cannot. It’s that simple. Although for many people the goal is to lose weight, unless you ensure a healthy digestive and immune system, the weight will simply not shift, or if it does, it will go back on, and more besides. Not with this programme. The emphasis is on changing the way you digest and absorb foods and getting your body to a state of optimal efficiency. When you do that, weight loss is inevitable. So is better health. This programme does exactly that, and it does it FAST!

The ‘Calories in Calories out’ belief remained the forefront of all advice for the first three decades of my career. My first two books “Fat to Flat” and “Tone Up Lose Weight Change Shape” were entirely based on this principle. However, the new research has proven that weight loss is about so much more than just this CICO. The number of calories that you eat is important, it is a factor, but now we know there are many other influencing factors that can inhibit and block, or boost and enhance your ability to lose weight, and specifically to burn fat. In simple terms, two people can eat the same calories and one may gain weight whilst the other may not.

The cause of obesity is a hormonal imbalance more than a calorific imbalance, that may sound shocking and controversial, especially if you have tried and failed to lose weight and ended up fatter than when you started, probably many years ago. Trust me on this, coming from someone who was clinically trained to believe that three meals a day and healthy snacks were what is required, and that if you are not losing weight you are just not trying, I can promise you that having read all of the research, and for my whole working life met numerous people who have struggled to lose weight whilst others have lost it almost effortlessly, this really is the solution. Finally!

Today you have a different body from yesterday. Every day your body replaces approximately 60 billion cells!

This extensive daily remodelling of your body is determined by the quality of cells your body produces, which of course is dependent the food you eat and the water you drink. It’s very simple: When you eat high-quality food, your body has the raw materials with to create molecular building blocks. When you eat low-quality food, the body only has substandard materials your body is forced to make compromises, and those trade-offs will at some point catch up with you and damage your health.

Imagine a builder using good quality bricks, but poor-quality cement…. If the structure is compromised, then the building is unstable, and sooner or later will become unsafe to live in.

When I trained in nutrition it was initially to design weight loss programmes, but even as a sixteen-year-old student at college I quickly realised that weight loss is a bi- product of a healthy diet. Since then I have become passionate about helping people live in a body that allows them to live the life they want to live. If you have neglected your body and used sub-standard materials, unlike the house built with dodgy cement, you don’t have to raise it to the ground and start again, you can restore and renew daily. As old substandard cells die off, they are replaced with high grade high functioning cells that literally change your body, inside and out.

In the Colour Fast Re-Set I look at how detoxing and fasting specifically (in its various forms from a few hours to a few weeks) can be used safely and effectively to correct or re-set certain metabolic conditions and boost overall health and aid weight loss, as well as improve mental and emotional wellness. I have put all the very best of the advice into a practical, easy to follow programme that can bring about fantastic results, not just with weight loss but to totally revitalise your body – and your mind.

First and foremost, of the new discoveries, is how your body’s ability to digest and absorb the nutrients from food is entirely dependent on gut health. We have always known we are full of microbes, that’s nothing new, but what we didn’t know was how they behave in the body and how they drastically affect our health on every single level. As you will see your microbiome has an impact not just on your weight, but also (more importantly!) on your immune system. We now know much more about how gut health influences every metabolic process in your body, from growth and repair to everyday function. We also know that approximately 80% of your immune system is located in your gut, so it makes sense to keep that super healthy.

You actually have more microbes in your body than human cells – and they are responsible for most of what goes on at a cellular metabolic level, so it makes sense to look after and nurture them, they are really running the show.

If you have trained with me or attended any workshops or online courses, you will know that I love to take often complicated scientific information and adapt it into practical user-friendly techniques. So, as you would expect this programme combines the exciting new developments in the field of nutrition with some established and some new mindful techniques to help you achieve a combined emotional and mental quietude. It really is a total mind body re-set.

Health is not a rite of passage. True, some people seem to have a much easier ride, and genetics of course plays a part, but what influences your health more than anything is what you put into your mouth, and your mind. SO, by reading this you have already taken a huge step towards great health and a body you love to live in.

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