internal voice In all my trainings and workshops I always emphasise being mindful of what you are saying to yourself. For me it’s the most important aspect of self-communication and any change-work can be enhanced or sabotaged by what you are saying internally. If you have been to any of my workshops or courses you will have heard me say “be careful what you say – you are listening!” And today I admit to having to take a dose of my own medicine. What was I was saying that was negative? I was moaning about the weather!

That might sound like an innocuous thing to berate yourself about, but seriously I have been repeatedly “wishing” for another day to come in the hope it will bring out that yellow thing we are supposed to see in the sky at this time of year. I remember as a child saying “I can’t wait to be a teenager” thinking that would make me all grown up and happy! And my mum saying “Janet never wish even one day of your life away”.

In Think More Eat Less I talk about how important the first thing you say in the morning and last thing at night just before sleep is, as this is when our brain waves are at their lowest vibration and we are most suggestible to new thoughts or ideas. This phase which is passed through naturally in-between waking and sleeping, is the state hypnotherapy induces, as it is the most effective time to make changes in how we think. What that means is – the first thing you say to yourself in the morning (or at night) can have an impact on how you approach the day. I have a friend who whenever I ask him how he is he says “Same s*** different day!” not the most inspirational uplifting start to the day. No wonder he has a lot of bad days! But is getting up and looking out of the window and allowing the absence of sunshine to dictate your mood any better? It strikes me it isn’t. So note to self “stop moaning about the weather and decide to have a great day anyway”.

I wonder if there’s something you repeatedly say every morning or every evening, perhaps moaning (internal moaning is just as bad as verbalising it!) about work, or a colleague, or maybe how you look or feel about yourself? So let me say to you now – be careful what you say, you are listening, and what you say directly influences your mood and the choices you make. With this in mind, make the first thing you say to yourself on walking something positive that will set the scene for your day.