Your thyroid regulates your body’s metabolism. In other words, it controls the speed at which you burn fuel. Many years ago, it was thought of as a totally superfluous organ as no one really knew what it did. Today however we have a much better understanding of its importance and we know it has an essential part to play in health and weight loss.

The thyroid works a bit like the accelerator in a car – you can either go faster or slower depending on the environment. If you go faster, you burn more fuel, if you go slower you conserve fuel. The environment in this case is determined by your hormones – how much (and what) you are eating, how active you are, and your overall health. The thyroid also determines your body temperature, just like a thermostat.

Your thyroid is situated in your throat and if it’s dysfunctional, it can appear quite large. An overactive thyroid means your metabolic rate is too high. Extreme weight loss occurs, you become irrational, and eye sockets can contract, giving the appearance of protruding eye balls. An underactive thyroid means the reverse – you can become sluggish, mentally and physically fatigued, and gain weight that is difficult to shift. This weight tends to be general and not as site-specific as when your liver is dysfunctional (pot belly) or your adrenals are stressed (tummy).

There is a strong link between your thyroid gland and your ovaries, which produce oestrogen. This is especially relevant after menopause, a time when a lot of women gain weight. The majority of thyroid function occurs through the liver, where thyroid hormones are broken down, so as I mentioned in last week’s blog, a healthy liver is vital. Exercise can also stimulate thyroid function and to boost thyroid function you need to combine regular exercise with a nutrient-rich diet. Iodine is the key nutrient required for thyroid function and a deficiency in it will lead to an underactive thyroid.

Here are some foods that are rich in iodine:

• Sea vegetables (i.e. kelp)
• Yoghurt
• Cow’s milk (stick to organic if possible)
• Eggs (preferably organic)
• Strawberries
• Mozzarella cheese
• Fish and shellfish.

Think about and list three things you can do every day that will increase your thyroid function and therefore your ability to burn fat. Remember to read them out loud, and make a note in your journal how you will feel when you follow this new habit.

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