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Think More Eat Less Colour Code System - Weight Loss.“Join Janet as she guides you through her unique colour code nutrition system. This exclusive programme has helped many thousands of people lose weight and now, due to popular request, Janet has recorded it so that you can listen to it wherever you are.

It is NOT a hypnosis course, it’s simply Janet explaining to you in simple easy  to understand terms, why so many fad and fashionable diets don’t work and actually cause long term weight gain, and why some people find it easy to lose weight whilst others struggle.

Enjoy many “light bulb” moments as you learn how your hormones directly affect your body weight, and why for some people the weight just falls off, whilst others struggle with traditional “diets”. Not any more – this programme is designed not only to aid weight loss, but to balance your hormone levels and improve all your bodies systems so that you are healthier and more energised, as well as slimmer.  When you follow this system – gone are the cravings and mood swings and they are replaced by a normal healthy appetite.

There’s Over 2 hours of practical advice and top tips, along with some PDF downloads, all explained in a simple easy to understand way that will make complete sense. You can say goodbye to dieting forever when you use this system to train your mind and your shape to maximise fat loss and re-energise your body.”

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