A healthy body can digest, absorb and metabolise the food we eat to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. An unhealthy body cannot. It’s that simple. So, unless you ensure a healthy digestive and immune system, the weight will simply not shift, or if it does it will go back on, and more besides.

The emphasis you need to focus on is changing the way you digest and absorb foods and getting your body to a state of optimal efficiency. When you do that, weight loss is inevitable. So is better health.

The ‘calories in, calories out’ belief has remained the forefront of all advice for decades. However, new research has proven that weight loss is about so much more, It’s not that the amount of calories that you eat is not important, but now we know there are many other influencing factors that can inhibit and block, or boost and enhance your ability to lose weight, and specifically to burn fat.

In simple terms, two people can eat the same calories and one may gain weight whilst the other may not. See this interesting article about a study into this>>>

The cause of obesity is a hormonal imbalance more than a calorific imbalance, that may sound shocking and controversial, but once you realise it, it will feel as if the biggest light bulb ever has just gone on in your mind. Especially if you have tried and failed to lose weight and ended up fatter than when you started. Trust me on this, coming from someone who was clinically trained to believe that three meals a day and healthy snacks were what is required, and that if you are not losing weight you are just not trying, I can promise you that having read all of the research, and for my whole working life met numerous people who have struggled to lose weight whilst others have lost it almost effortlessly, my system really is the solution. Finally!

Extensive daily remodelling of your body is determined by the quality of cells your body produces, which is dependent the food you eat and the water you drink. It’s very simple: When you eat high-quality food, your body has the raw materials with which to create molecular building blocks. When you eat low-quality food, the body only has substandard materials your body is forced to make compromises, and those trade-offs will at some point catch up with you and damage your health.

First and foremost, new discoveries show that how your body’s ability to digest and absorb the nutrients from food is entirely dependent on gut health. We have always known we are full of microbes, that’s nothing new, but what we now also know is how they behave in the body and how they drastically affect your health on every single level. Approximately 80% of your immune system is located in your gut, so it makes sense to keep that super healthy.


Having gone through the research for the last two years as it comes out, the advice is clear, and I quote from one professor in an online discussion I read “Eat the hell out of plants”. That means eating a MUCH wider variety. When it comes to microbes and how they affect us and how we can use diet to improve our gut, that’s the best advice we have so far. Eating the variety of veg and getting the balance of your food groups right will shift your microbial balance towards being a fat burner not a fat storer.


Fasting is another key to achieving this! Intermittent Fasting and other types of fasting are covered in depth in my Colour Fast Re-Set, Intermittent is the type of fasting I do myself and recommend most. When you fast intermittently for several days per week (eat all your meals within a max of 10 hours or less) you are encouraging ongoing restoration and healing. You will notice a difference in your energy, your appetite and cravings, and you will create the right environment in your body for burning fat and becoming healthier.

So, if you have been struggling, feeling hungry, limiting your food options and STILL not feeling healthy and slim then I can help you make the changes you need to. Check out my Colour Fast Re-Set HERE>>> or if you’d like to work with me in person, come along to my ‘Colour Yourself Slim’ workshop HERE>>>