According to the laws of aviation Bees can’t fly; their wings are not strong enough to lift their little round bodies off the ground. They fly anyway. Luckily bees don’t observe human limitations. It begs the question what have you not tried because someone once told you that you wouldn’t be able to do it? At this time of year when we are considering new years resolutions, is there something you would like to resolve to do but haven’t ever attempted because you don’t believe you can? What if anything were possible if you put your mind to it? If you could go to sleep tonight and wake up in the morning having achieved one thing, what would it be? What difference would that make to your life?
I am reminded of a TV programme from a few years ago called “Faking It” where complete novices were taught a skill, for example playing polo having never even ridden a horse before, and then were “hidden” in a group of genuine experts; in this example taking part in a genuine game of polo with 2 professional teams, and a panel of judges had to identify the “fake”. More often than not, as in this case, the fake was not identified. It was a great programme because it showed in simple terms what dedication and commitment can achieve. Is there something you would like to achieve that others have told you that you cant? for example “you will never lose weight, pass that exam, find a partner, get a better job” etc. etc. etc. If so ask yourself one thing – what if they are wrong? Then do like the bee, and do it anyway.

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