Easy Slim


Do you really want to lose weight?

easy slimI have good news – no more dieting! If you want to lose weight and change the way your body looks and feels for good, you can, by changing the way you think. In the following Easy Slim seminars, books and audios, or through one to one coaching, you can learn to change how you think and feel, not just about food, but about yourself. You will not only look, but feel different.

Choose the option that suits you best

  • Option 1 – Easy Slim At Home – a totally unique package that you can follow at your own pace where I will personally guide you through a range of practical techniques so that you can reprogramme your mind to change how you think and feel about food (and yourself) through 5 weekly presentations and 7 audios including 5 powerful guided meditations
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You will also get VIP membership and ongoing support with new techniques and meditations every month, recipes and top tips so that you can stay on track – for good!

  • Option 2 – Easy Slim 1 Day Event One day that can change your life – I will personally guide you through a step by step process that will teach you how all of your existing behaviours were created, and how to change your mind so that you naturally want to eat less, eat and enjoy different foods, and banish cravings. I have developed a range of cutting edge practical techniques that you can use not just on the day, but also afterwards so that you will continue to benefit from the programme indefinitely in all areas of your life. This event is an informative, motivational and empowering experience that will change the way you think and feel about food – and yourself, for good.

You will learn a range of powerful techniques including how to:

  • Eliminate food cravings
  • Collapse limiting beliefs and blockages
  • Create new ways of thinking and feeling
  • Rapidly and drastically increase self esteem
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  • Option 3 – Easy Slim retreat, for the ultimate in luxury come along to a Champneys Spa for a very special Easy Slim Retreat for either 2 or 4 nights where you will earn all of the techniques above and have access to wonderful facilities and have fantastic healthy meals cooked for you in the wonderful restaurants.
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  • Option 4 – Easy Slim Individual Coaching Package If you want the benefit of one to one coaching, in this exclusive package I will personally guide you (in person or if more practical via Skype or telephone), through each of the 5 lessons and give you an additional 3 telephone coaching sessions. You can decide how long you want to spread the lessons over as the programme is totally bespoke.  Including the EasySlim Guided Meditation audios you will receive approximately 18 hours of coaching, plus an additional 3 months VIP support.
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