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Introducing ‘Come Alive Now’
The Home of Wellness!

Simple effective steps to awaken and revive Your Mind, Body & Spirit to live a fulfilling life

Join Janet Thomson for an immersive, personal experience as she shows you
how to achieve emotional and physical health across all areas of your life.

Watch a life-changing webinar from the comfort of home as Janet guides
you through a range of practical techniques to change your body and your
mind. Complement your experience by gaining access to an incredible bank
of resources designed to give yourself exactly what you need to thrive.

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Are You Ready To Make Changes In Your Life Like Never Before?

“Your body doesn’t have to be a temple. But it is your home –
and it always will be – so take very good care of it.”

The Holy Trinity of Health’ is split into physical (what you put in your body and how you move it), emotional (how you think and feel) and energy (how energy flows through your body and creates your life force).

So, if you want to create a positive mindset that unlocks your potential and helps you build a healthy body you’re incredibly proud of – you’re in the right place! And you no longer have to look for individual programmes.

Janet has taken the very best from all three elements of health and crafted a system that blends them together. In this easy-to-follow programme, you can experience truly life changing results across all aspects of your life.

Magic Happens When Inspiration Becomes Action...

If you truly, deeply and wholeheartedly want to make lasting change in your life, for your life, you need to learn how to change your mind & your body naturally. Motivation alone just isn’t enough.

With Come Alive Now, you don’t have to rely on willpower or harsh regimes, just simple techniques that can be easily incorporated into everyday life.

In this remarkable and totally unique programme, you’ll find all the tools you need to help you live your best life both physically and emotionally.

Join Janet for the Come Alive Now – Webinar Experience and learn how to give your mind and your body everything it needs to perform at its best – your best. This is your one-stop-shop for complete and lasting health.

Physical Health – Get a simple explanation of what your body needs and learn Colour Code Nutrition System – proven to get results without the feeling of being on a diet.

Emotional Health – Learn simple techniques (that take less than 1 minute!) to change your neurology and collapse negative emotions instantaneously.

Energy Health – Discover how the ways in which energy flows through your body can affect physical or emotional health – and learn how to easily correct and balance it.

Here’s Everything You Get In Your ‘Come Alive Now’ Package...

In this unique experience, Janet will guide you step-by-step through the strategies you can use immediately to achieve emotional and physical health, feel more energised, reduce stress and improve sleep quality.

You’ll gain lifetime access to an incredible 4-part webinar and resource pack (including short video demonstrations and a powerful guided meditation to let go of past stress) designed to help you make positive, lasting changes in your life. Whether it’s losing weight, stopping self-sabotage, finding calm, boosting confidence or something else, Come Alive Now will help.

Benefit #1

An exclusive webinar with Janet Thomson as she guides you through a range of simple techniques you can use straight away to start living your best life.

Benefit #2

A personal message from Janet welcoming you into the programme and providing an inspirational overview and guidelines of what’s to come.

Benefit #3

‘How To Change Your Mind’, the eBook that teaches you how your brain works and how you can change the way you think to drive positive change.

Benefit #4

Access to guided meditations that help you let go of limiting beliefs, hardwire positive neurological habits and make lasting changes at a conscious level.

Benefit #5

Access to videos showing you how managing your energy flow can clear brain fog and boost your immune system and physical performance.

Benefit #6

Access to the ‘Colour Code Nutrition System’, an online document that has helped thousands of people collapse food cravings and revitalise energy.

Benefit #7

An exclusive video from Janet explaining the ‘Colour Code Nutrition System’ in more detail and going through which foods are classed as which colour.

Benefit #8

Access to our Power To Change community and 2 month’s membership to a private area where you receive a supply of tips, hacks, recipes and support.

New Bonus Video lesson just added
“How To Collapse Negative Emotions & Thoughts”

‘Come Alive Now’ Turns Your Dreams Into Life-Changing Reality

"After completing the Come Alive Now programme I felt re-energised, full of positivity and a new woman, which just what I needed and hoped for!"
Juliet W
"I got so much out of the Come Alive Now programme. I have so much more energy, lighter, feel healthier and emotionally am much more positive. In short – I loved it!"
Jane Mason
"I wasn’t sure what to expect from Come Alive Now but when it comes to overall wellness no stone was left unturned! I loved the holistic nature of the exercises, everything from what to eat to feel good to how to change negative thoughts. Can't recommend it highly enough!"
Amanda King
"Of all Janet's programmes this one is a game changer because it brings together Mind Body & Soul. I learned so much that I have been able to put into practice that I cant imagine not having these life skills, they have certainly helped me cope through very challenging times - it should be compulsory!"
Himala De Zoysa

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