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The Complete Mind & Body Bundle Designed To Create Positive, Lasting Change Across All Areas of Your Life

Join Janet Thomson (that’s me!) in an exclusive collection of 5 independent programmes created to inform and inspire. These courses blend seamlessly together to bring a genuine sense of wellness and vitality.

This package makes improving physical and emotional health an easy and natural process. It’s the holistic approach to wellness – from improving sleep and losing weight to reducing stress, stopping self sabotage and more!

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A Healthier, Happier Life At Your Fingertips...

I created the complete mind and body bundle to make it easier than ever for you to get all the tools you need to become the optimal version of yourself. Individually, these programmes are incredibly effective. Together, they give you the best chance of leading your best life.

By embracing a holistic, one-stop-shop solution for your physical and emotional wellness, you can truly feel an incredible transformation across all areas of your life. Whatever you’re struggling with – and whatever you want to achieve – this bundle gives you the answers and helps you move forward.

Emotional & Physical Healing - All In One Place

Here’s What You Get In The Complete Mind & Body Bundle…

TFT & Dynamic Energy Healing Programme (Individual Value £399)

This is a certified Thought Field Therapy course with a difference that teaches you how to tap specific meridian points to collapse negative emotions. The bonus Dynamic Energy Healing techniques allow you to intuitively create powerful treatments that enhance your own wellbeing – as well as that of others – all from the comfort of home.

Placebo Diet & Home Programme (Individual Value £147)

Change your relationship with food and yourself with this incredible programme! With a series of inspirational and informative videos, you’ll learn how to stop emotional eating and finally create the healthy mind and body you deserve. If you think this is just a “diet”, you’re in for a real treat. This can and will transform your mind and your body – for good.

How To Sleep Well (Individual Value £55)

Join Janet Thomson for an immersive, interactive program designed to help you relax before bed, reset your sleep cycle and enjoy regular, peaceful and restorative slumber as soon as your head touches the pillow every evening. Rest and restore your health and vitality through quality, blissful sleep – all so you don’t feel sluggish in your daily life.

How To Stress Less (Individual Value £55)

Let go of stress and strain as Janet guides you through this interactive programme created to allow you to calm your mind, reprogram the way you think and understand exactly how you can positively change the way you act in stressful situations. Finally remove anxiety and live a more positive life doing the things you truly care about.

Come Alive Now (Individual Value £95)

Let Janet guide you through a range of practical techniques to change your body and your mind. Gain access to an incredible bank of resources designed to give yourself exactly what you need to thrive in your life. Treat yourself to the loving care and attention your body deserves and it will pay you back in kind – every single day.

1 Month Premium Community Membership (Individual Value £55)

The Power To Change Premium Mentoring Membership gives you access to videos, workouts and recipes, with the valuable addition of weekly calls with me, Janet Thomson. You’ll get access to a community of incredible people on the same life-changing journey with a personal tutor and a team of experienced mentors to lean on whenever you need it.

Get All of This Incredible Content (£750+ Value) For Just £399
& Take The First Step On Your Journey To a Better Life!

The Complete Mind & Body Bundle Is Your ‘Home of Wellness’ Designed To Help You Achieve Your Health & Fitness Goals

"After completing the Come Alive Now programme I felt re-energised, full of positivity and a new woman, which just what I needed and hoped for!"
Juliet W
"I got so much out of the Come Alive Now programme. I have so much more energy, lighter, feel healthier and emotionally am much more positive. In short – I loved it!"
Jane Mason
"I wasn’t sure what to expect from Come Alive Now but when it comes to overall wellness no stone was left unturned! I loved the holistic nature of the exercises, everything from what to eat to feel good to how to change negative thoughts. Can't recommend it highly enough!"
Amanda King
"Of all Janet's programmes this one is a game changer because it brings together Mind Body & Soul. I learned so much that I have been able to put into practice that I cant imagine not having these life skills, they have certainly helped me cope through very challenging times - it should be compulsory!"
Himala De Zoysa
"Janet is a great teacher and her inspirational programmes are easy to follow, with great results. Her techniques are so simple & effective in changing how you feel!"
Janey Lee Grace, Radio 2 Presenter
"I use How To Stress Less and it's really helped me to think and react differently in stressful situations. I have found the resources so valuable and easy to use - I wouldn’t be without them!"
Joy Martin
"The How To Stress Less techniques have been a revelation. I started off a real cynic but now I'm really benefiting form spending a few minutes everyday using the simple techniques."
Neil Dixon
"I loved that there was a collection of videos and audios all of which I can access anytime. These techniques are a “go to” for me whenever I'm anxious and they help me keep calm."
Amanda King
"How To Stress Less is packed full of easy tips and effective exercises that I can do everyday and anytime I need them."
Victoria Bytel
"I have been using Janet’s techniques for years and as a front line medical professional I have never found them more valuable. Everyone should learn this stuff - it really works!"
Himala de Zoysa
"The How To Sleep Well programme has helped me unwind and not just helped me sleep better, but feel less anxious generally."
Jane Mason
"I love the guided meditation in How To Sleep Well, I have yet to get to the end of it which I guess means it works for me!"
Lucy Whitfield
"How To Sleep Well has really helped me to think and react differently. I have found the resources so valuable and so easy to use. I wouldn’t be without them!"
Joy Martin
"Janet has been a true help and really supported me in finding new ways of thinking and new habits. The teachings are really kind and beautiful!"
Cendrine Brighton
“Janet delivered an inspirational course that gave me the confidence to practice TFT and Dynamic Energy healing for myself and with others. The pre-course materials were excellent and were used during the course to reinforce the teaching; they allowed delegates to listen, absorb and practice techniques without the distraction of taking notes. As a cardiac rehab trainer and instructor I am already integrating some of the techniques in my classes and look forward to adding more”.
Joy Martin
“I have just completed a totally mind blowing weekend with Janet Thomson on her TFT and Dynamic Energy Healing Workshop. Janet delivered a stunningly interesting and very practical weekend for all participants with clear explanations and inspirational demonstrations, we were soon using the techniques ourselves with great effect. This course is Janet Thomson at her brilliant best”
Lindsey Peters
“I didn’t realise how valuable this area would be. I can literally log in anytime anywhere. Whether I need help to relax and sleep or need a recipe for dinner, it's all in one place!”
Jane Mason
“I find the weekly videos from Janet so inspirational, they bring the programme to life in a very practical way. If I can't make it to the gym or am pushed for time I love Lindsey’s workout videos, and the recipes are delicious. The VIP area literally gives me everything I need!”
Elaine Tombs
“With a crazy busy life and demanding job I know I can turn to the members area whenever I need a quick boost, I love it!”
Himala De Zoysa
“I couldn't believe the quality and quantity of material, no matter what I need help with I can always find just what I need!”
Amanda King
“Janet’s videos and meditations never fail to inspire me, I have a few favourites that always hit the spot but love seeing the new ones every week.”
Nicole Barber Lane
“Janet’s experience and enthusiasm come through loud and clear in all the videos which always make me think. I’ve found the techniques absolutely invaluable!”
Joy Martin
“I have just completed the TFT training with Janet and would highly recommend her as a trainer. I have found TFT to be a technique that can be tailored to your client thus can provide a bespoke content free treatment. Having trained in person with Janet, with pre-training carried out online, I have found her to be knowledgeable, insightful and able to explain concepts clearly and comprehensively. Janet is a great trainer with a vast array of knowledge and skills”.
Sian Jenkins

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